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THE MOVIE: You, Me and Dupree

Owen Wilson • Kate Hudson • Matt Dillon
• Michael Douglas
DIRECTOR: Anthony & Joe Russo

Molly (Kate Hudson), Molly’s husband Carl (Matt Dillon) and Dupree (Owen Wilson) THE CONCEPT:
Molly (Hudson) and Carl (Dillon) have just married, but Carl’s best friend, and best man, Randolph Dupree (Wilson) a free-spirited bachelor has lost his job and has nowhere to live, so he moves into Molly and Carl’s home just for a few days, only to become a permanent houseguest.

U.S. RELEASE: July 14 2006, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“We had this Dalmation when we were kids named Nutmeg, and this dog was insane and tore everything up, and my parents wanted to send it to live on a farm, and we were crying ‘Nooooo,’ and finally they began to fall in love with the dog, and Dupree has a little bit of that quality – that was the inspiration for him.”

“I’ve had some female Duprees in my life. One of them just squatted in my house for over a year. Chris [Robinson, her husband] was the one who was like, ‘When is she getting out of our house?’ And then I have another one who would probably be the Dupree who would light the house on fire with a stick of butter. And if you’re out there baby, you know who you are.”

“Owen and I have different backgrounds and training, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he liked to work spontaneously; we did a fair amount of adlibbing, and I found that very refreshing, because I like to work that way. And in comedy, that can be gold, because you never know what’s going to work. When you’re spontaneous, it keeps you connected, and so I liked the way Owen works; it’s very natural.”

“What I think is kind of nice about Dupree is that he definitely wears out his welcome, he doesn’t have a job and he rides around on a bike, but he’s not a cynical, jaded slacker. He’s got this Labrador-like enthusiasm, and he really does want Carl and Molly’s marriage to work out.”

HUDSON on working with Michael Douglas, who plays her father:
“Michael is the first person I’ve worked with who is a friend of my parents that I’ve known since I was a baby. So it was one of those experiences for both of us where it was like wow, how great is this? For me, just to have the opportunity to work with someone like Michael anyway is a joy.”

DILLON on being nominated for an Oscar this year for Crash:
“That was a great experience; it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of terrific films and performances last year that didn’t get recognized. A lot of people were [upset] that we won and Brokeback Mountain didn’t; why do they bother getting upset? The fact is all those films that got nominated won, and it’s a great honor, but at the end of the day I don’t say that a film is my favorite because it won the Oscar in 1956. I judge a movie on the way it’s made.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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