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THE MOVIE: Miami Vice

Colin Farrell • Jamie Foxx • Naomie Harris
• Gong Li
DIRECTOR: Michael Mann

Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell THE CONCEPT:
Total re-imagining of the 1980s' TV series, in which Sonny Crockett (Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Foxx), two Miami Vice cops, find themselves thrown into the dangerous world of international drug trafficking.

U.S. RELEASE: July 28 2006, Nationwide • Rated: R


“The idea of [doing Miami Vice] in 2006 was exciting [to me]. We were not going for the nostalgia, but to do it as a big picture that’s going to be R-rated, because they do dangerous work in difficult places where bad things happen – there’s sexuality and there’s language, and that became an exciting proposition.”

“It was Jamie’s idea to do it. I had been talking to Michael for a couple of years about finding something to do together, and then this came along, and it was the perfect opportunity. Michael understands the choreography of an action sequence, and a highly volatile one. But unless it’s backed up with some human drama, unless you have some kind of emotional investment in the characters, the validity of doing big-scale things isn’t there.”

JAMIE FOXX on the fact that it’s so different from TV’s Miami Vice:
“You saw Starsky and Hutch, it wasn’t anything like [the original]. We’re not taking Miami Vice, the series, we’re taking the spirit of that and doing the movie.”

“That’s exactly right. It’s the spirit of it. It’s the core of it. It’s who these people are. So, at the core of Crockett is Crockett, at the core of Tubbs is Tubbs, but they’re re-imagined in 2006, in a different world, in a different Miami. If you look through the first two years’ episodes, which I consider to be the real core of Miami Vice, these are exactly the kind of stories that were being told. They were poignant, they were emotional; they weren’t happy endings.”

“As I remember it, Miami Vice only became camp in hindsight. At the time, it was a really cutting edge show. The subject matter was really dark – drugs, prostitution, so on and so forth – with Crockett’s back story, with his two children and his wife. Some very reality-based situations were dealt with very honestly for the time and, as you said, this has just been elevated to today’s modern age.”

Not everybody is thinking about the television series, I don’t think that people are actually remembering every single episode. This is just a hot concept, and I don’t think [the audience is] going to be comparing the two. Not everybody is relating back to what they saw - they know what happened with Miami Vice years ago, but they’re ready to go see what the new thing is. They are into the hipness of Colin Farrell, of maybe Jamie Foxx, and they’re going, ‘That looks hot.’ So I don’t think there’s going to be a comparison.”


Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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