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THE MOVIE: The Last Kiss

Zach Braff • Jacinda Barrett • Rachel Bilson
DIRECTOR: Tony Goldwyn

Four best friends – Kenny (Eric Christian Olsen), Chris (Casey Affleck) Izzy (Michael Weston) and Michael (Zach Braff) THE CONCEPT:
Contemporary dramedy about life, love, infidelity, forgiveness, marriage, friendship and coming to grips with turning 30. Michael (Braff), who is already terrified of commitment, has just found out his girlfriend Jenna (Barrett) is pregnant. He finds himself turning to young student Kim (Bilson) with whom he has an affair.

U.S. RELEASE: September 15 2006, Nationwide • Rated: R


“One of the reasons I wanted to do this movie was it was so refreshing, it was real. It was a human being that f-ks up, that makes mistakes, that does a dumb thing, and don’t we all? Don’t we all have things that we wake up the next day and go, ‘Oh, I’m such an idiot?’”

“I think Zach has a charisma, wit and lightness about him that’s fun to be around, and obviously he has a real intelligence and determination to have done what he’s done in his career at such a young age. As an actor all of that comes through, but also there was with the two of us an incredible freedom and ease with each other and no sense of worrying that anything was inappropriate, that you couldn’t take risks with the other person, and that was really important for all the behavior that we had to have with each other, that sense of comfort and ease you have when you’ve been together three years.”

“This role was hard because there’s a lot of things that go into playing the other woman; you never want to be the ‘bad guy.’ It shows her in a different light; she’s very likable in some ways, a little more forgivable, I think in a way which helps because you don’t want to hate the character by the end of the movie, [because then] you don’t see the point that was trying to be made.”

“This is my dream role. I remember when I went into meet on this just saying, ‘God, these roles aren’t like this for women.’ It’s so rare that you have this much to play, and so many colors. In the early part in the script she’s light, carefree and fun, but still intelligent and flawed, and then there’s a great emotional arc at the end.”

“Some people say there are similarities to Michael and Andrew, who I played in Garden State, but I’m not sure I agree. I think the guy in Garden State was really lost and probably needed a little help from the medication he was on as he had a very f-ked up childhood. This is a guy who’s healthy and happy and has everything going for him. He has his dream girl, and loves his job and his friends, but he’s terrified of [marriage], and the surprises stopping. They keep life interesting. I think where he went wrong is that there’s a whole new set of surprises when you’re married and have kids.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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