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THE MOVIE: For Your Consideration

Catherine O’Hara • Harry Shearer • Christopher Guest • Eugene Levy • Fred Willard • Jane Lynch
DIRECTOR: Christopher Guest

Christopher Moynihan as Brian Chubb, Harry Shearer as Victor Allan Miller, Catherine O’Hara as Marilyn Hack and Parker Posey as Callie Webb THE CONCEPT:
Christopher Guest’s repertory improvisation company is back, this time mocking show business. Director Jay Berman (Guest) is making an independent film, 'Home for Purim', when internet-generated rumors begin to circulate that three of the movie’s stars may be worthy of Award-winning performances. ‘Hollywood Now’ anchors Chuck Porter (Willard) and Cindy Martin (Lynch) pick up the ‘Oscar buzz’ and the fever begins to infect the entire production.

U.S. RELEASE: November 17 2006, Limited
• Rated: PG-13


“I generally come up with the idea for the film. I call Eugene and we collaborate on it. The cast isn’t writing the movie, other than speaking the dialogue. They’re not inventing their characters, they have their characters laid out, but they have a tremendous amount of freedom in the way they look and their dialect.”

“The idea of doing something related to show business came up as a little bit of a surprise. Normally we’ve tried to stay away from show business. It just seems too easy. The notion of Oscar dropped in relation to somebody’s performance, what it does to that person, and then what it does to everybody else working on the same project – it was a fragile premise, but I thought it was very funny.”

“When we have the concept for a story then we write the parts for each of the actors. They’re not generic parts. They’re very much written for Fred, Jane, and Catherine is the central figure in this movie.”

“Chris just trusts you, he really does, he trusts you to come in ready to do it, and he also knows that he’ll shoot 60 hours and cut 59 of them, so he trusts himself, and we trust him.”

“I just heard this morning that Entertainment Tonight doesn’t want to do any promotions for the movie because of [us]. But (those type of shows) are kind of interchangeable, so I don’t see how any one couple could take offense.”

“We get to know each other best during the promotion of the films, that’s when I get to see everybody, and it’s really nice to bond with everyone. But what I love about this group of people is that we’re like a repertory company. The vehicle arises first, and then Chris casts us around that. It’s always exciting to hear who you’re going to be working with. I haven’t worked with the same person twice, so it’s been fun.”

“If you’re really dying in a scene, Christopher will come over, he used to do this with Eugene and me a lot, and he says, ‘You know we’re actually filming!’”

LEVY on seeing Borat:
“I thought it was funny. I didn’t think all of it was funny, but I thought a lot of it was funny. He’s a very talented comic actor. Great character work, but he goes in a different direction, he pushes the envelope to see how close he can come to offending people. But I do find him funny.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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