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THE MOVIE: Turistas

Josh Duhamel • Olivia Wilde • Beau Garrett • Melissa George
DIRECTOR: John Stockwell

Olivia Wilde and Josh Duhamel as two holiday makers who don THE CONCEPT:
Three young and beautiful Americans (Duhamel, Wilde, Garrett) journey to Brazil on vacation in search of exotic adventure, but they are drugged and robbed after a night of partying on the beach. With no money and no way to communicate to the outside world, the group and other imperiled tourists, including Pru (George), follow a new friend into the jungle and right into a barbaric trap of unimaginable proportions from which there may be no escape.

U.S. RELEASE: December 1 2006, Nationwide
• Rated: R


John Stockwell said you liked not living in the lap of luxury while making this movie on location in Brazil.

“I did like it. I knew going into this that it was going to be a physical challenge, because just reading it you knew this thing was going to be pretty rugged all the way through, and it was. John really liked watching us suffer, that son of a bitch. [he smiles] A lot of the places we were shooting you couldn’t get a trailer into; we had little tents for the most part, and that was about the extent of the base camp which was kind of fun. I have been working on Vegas for four years now, and it’s nice to have that luxury, but it’s also nice to get your hands dirty and really get into something.”

Would you ever go back to Brazil?

“Yeah, I would. Obviously, I’m hoping this movie isn’t too much of a diversion to people traveling abroad, because it’s a great country, and if you’re smart you’ll be fine. I’m actually going back for New Year’s. I hope they don’t lynch me.” [he laughs]

How did it feel to be in a Horror film?

“When I first read it, I really didn’t consider it to be a horror film. It was scary, and there were definitely aspects of that, but it felt more like an intense thriller. It’s one of those scripts that I read where I started it and I never stopped the whole way through. Whenever I read something like that it feels like it’s going to be at least an interesting movie. I liked that [John Stockwell] didn’t hold back, he really pushed the envelope.”

Can you talk a little about filming the sequence when you, Melissa George and Olivia Wilde are being chased through the underwater caves?

“It was fun at first. Three weeks into it, it was like, ‘Okay, I have to get back into the water.’ I can remember after a Sunday I had gotten off, the first thing Monday morning I had forgotten that I had to get mentally prepared to go swim in this rock shelf, and find air and suck the air up and come back out. And I just did it, and then I realized, ‘Oh my God,’ and I panicked a little bit, and I had to come back out, I was freaking out because I wasn’t ready for it.”

Written by David Waldon. Back to top

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