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THE MOVIE: Unaccompanied Minors

Wilmer Valderrama • Lewis Black • Tyler James Williams • Dyllan Christopher • Gina Mantegna • Quinn Shepard • Brett Kelly

Spencer (Dyllan Christopher), Grace (Gina Mantegna), Donna (Quinn Shephard) and Charlie (Tyler James Williams) THE CONCEPT:
A huge blizzard has shut down the airport on Christmas Ev, trapping dozens of unaccompanied minors on their way home. A small group of kids (Williams, Christopher, Mantegna, Shepard, Kelly), desperate to escape the airport’s Unaccompanied Minors Holding Room, make a break, chased by the airport’s peevish Passenger Relations Manager Oliver Porter (Black) and his lackey assistant Zach (Valderrama).

U.S. RELEASE: December 8 2006, Nationwide
• Rated: PG


“I literally started Unaccompanied Minors a week after we shot our last episode of That ‘70s Show, and we had said our last goodbyes. So I was in Utah looking out of the window reminiscing about That '70s Show and so many years of working with those people. And then I looked at this ensemble cast, and we embraced each other in a way that helped me out a lot. I kind of became an older brother to (the kids), and it was a lot of fun to run around with them, they were like my little entourage.”’

“Wilmer is so funny, he’s a big kid. We had so many great comedians, and just nice people, and it made for a really fun experience. Luckily all my airport experiences have been fairly calm. I’m hoping that if anything did happen the security would be a little more focused than the security in this movie.”

TYLER JAMES WILLIAMS on doing the stunts in the film:
“We did a lot of them, but there were certain things that we just couldn’t do, like [flying] off the snow drift in the canoe, we couldn’t do that, there were certain takes where the canoe just flipped over. The canoe was moving fast, we were scared, it was cold, so there was acting involved, but there wasn’t much of it.”

“Yeah, we were scared and we were screaming; it was crazy. And it was so cold and wet, I remember I was freezing.”

“It was awesome working with all those kids, they were great. It was really my excuse to be a big kid again, my one chance of hanging out with them, putting my guard down and allowing myself to have fun.”

WILLIAMS on interacting with Lewis Black between scenes:
“We had to in order to get a chemistry with his character to make sure that we were pushing it in the right way, that it wasn’t too evil, we didn’t want to be evil children, we just wanted to have some fun.”

“When I first met Lewis I had no idea who he was or what character he was playing, and I remember thinking that he seemed a little bit scary, just the whole way he talked intimidated me. We were scared of him, well, I was.”

“Having us all together watching what we’d done for those three months finally pulled together was such a cool experience.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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