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THE MOVIE: The Hitcher

Sean Bean • Zachary Knighton • Sophia Bush
DIRECTOR: Dave Meyers

Remake of the popular 1986 Horror film. College couple Grace (Bush) and Jim (Knighton) are taking their 1970 Oldsmobile 442 on a road trip for spring break. They pick up a mysterious hitchhiker, John Ryder (Bean), and that’s when their nightmare begins…

U.S. RELEASE: January 19 2007, Nationwide • Rated: R


“I saw the film when it first came out about 20 years ago, and it made a big impression on me. It was a very well constructed film and Rutger Hauer gives a very good performance. I remember being scared by it, and I thought it made an impact, but I really didn’t want that running around my head and cluttering things up when we were making our version of it.”

SOPHIA BUSH on avoiding the cliché’s of a Horror film:
“I didn’t want to be that girl running around whining but, at the same time, I didn’t want to come out as Lara Croft with guns blazing, because that’s not quite right either.”

“I didn’t focus on violence in the film, even though there is some. I tried to keep everything on thrills and suspense. We cut most of it out before we actually filmed it which is sort of how we kept the budget extremely low, and yet we still have huge car action and all that stuff.”

“There wasn’t a great deal of history to the guy. Not a lot of information about where he came from, which I thought was quite interesting really, because it allowed me the freedom to create what I wanted, and to invent a person. And I always thought that it was somewhat scarier that you don’t know anything about him or where he comes from. I always find that the less you know about people, the less you trust them. I usually like to have something to go on, but for this particular movie I would say he was like an angel of death.”

“It’s definitely hard to find films of quality that you want to make. Not only did the tomboy side of me get to completely freak out and, in my stunt junkie way do all of these amazing things, and watch cars get blown up and helicopters fly over our faces, and ride around the desert with guns, but there was such a development for this character and a sort of slope for this girl to fall down. And I wanted to make a movie with Sean Bean. It was totally scary!”

BEAN on his favorite villains:
“I used to like the old style ones, James Cagney and Edward G Robinson. People like that. Quite rough and ready, no-nonsense gangsters. I tried to play this guy without being too aggressive in a sense. John Malkovich is someone I always admire as a villain. I like him in general, but I think he has an assertive quality about him.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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