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Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls in our magazines

THE MOVIE: Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

Idris Elba • Gabrielle Union
DIRECTOR: Tyler Perry

Julia (Gabrielle Union) and Monty (Idris Elba) THE CONCEPT:
Tyler Perrys third feature tackles the subject of fatherhood in black America. Monty (Elba), a garage mechanic fighting to regain custody of his three young daughters, takes a job as a chauffeur and encounters Julia (Union) a hard-nosed attorney. When he enlists her help to win his children back, the relationship turns into an unexpected romance.

U.S. RELEASE: February 14 2007, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


The inspiration for the movie was a friend who was working for me at the time and he was always on the phone, and I was thinking who is this guy talking to all the time? Every time I turned around hes on the phone and hes supposed to be working. And then I found out it was his children. He has these three beautiful daughters. So he was my muse for Monty. He was a guy that grew up in the hood. Then I have another friend, who is very successful in corporate America, who is really rich. She was my muse for Julia. She was always saying how she cant find a man. So I was thinking, what if I introduced the two of them. And I started laughing so hard, I said, I gotta write this. It would be hilarious.

My mom is from Ghana, my dad is from Sierra Leone and I was born in London. Ive been living here in the States for seven years, so Ive kind of cheated a little bit with the American accent, I snuck in and listened to everyone speaking, like, Can you say that again, please mate? When I do characters with American accents its very general.

My girlfriends and I acknowledge that we are holding on to this antiquated notion of who Prince Charming is and what package hes going to come in. Hes going to come from this kind of family, hes going to come riding in on a white horse, or white Porsche, and hes going to have this kind of paycheck and hes going to be great, kind, sweet, considerate and thoughtful, and his socio-economic status has to match mine. If you really just want a good man, there are plenty out there but they might be a little thicker in the waist, they might have been around the block, they might be divorced or have kids, but were so caught up in this idea we developed as little kids watching Disney movies, which is crap and not realistic as an adult woman.

Tyler Perry has a huge urban audience, but because of the nature of this film I felt the idea behind the story and the issues that are brought up are bigger than that, and it will definitely appeal to [European audiences].

Because Im in the position that Im in, Ive been able to maintain my vision with this movie, so if it fails Im still happy because I maintained my vision.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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