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THE MOVIE: Meet the Robinsons

(voices) Tom Selleck • Angela Bassett • Adam West
DIRECTOR: Steve Anderson

Unusual family THE CONCEPT:
In Disney’s new computer-animated movie, boy-genius Lewis is an orphan who longs to know about his family. On the verge of turning 13 years old, he builds a memory scanner to find his family. His invention takes him into the Future, where he meets a family unlike any other – the futuristic Robinsons – who help him discover secrets about his own limitless power.

U.S. RELEASE: March 30 2007, Nationwide • Rated: G


“This is my first directing job as well as my first foray into the computer. I come from the hand drawn world, so this was a big and very exciting transition for me. I am so taken by this medium, by computer animation. I love animation, all sorts, but to get to learn this new tool, this new way of making movies has been really exciting and I can’t wait to do it again.”

“The difference between the 3D in this and Chicken Little has been the opportunity to art direct the depth. Chicken Little was more of a one size fits all. What we’ve been able to do here is look at a shot and say, for example, ‘Okay, it’s the first time we go to the future city, which is the biggest, deepest, highest city that we’ve ever seen before.’ So, we’ve saved some of the depth through the beginning of the movie, so that the first time we go to the city, we’ve got somewhere to open it up.”

DOROTHY McKIM (Producer):
“On this movie we are working with humans, but we didn’t want to make them photo realistic, it was important to us to keep their cartoon animated look. I think the look is phenomenal. We have a mono version of the movie that will go out in theatres and then the stereoscopic [3D] version will be in about 600 theatres, and we’ll be over in Europe as well.”

“We didn’t want to be taken in by the gimmick of 3D. We didn’t want to treat it as those kind of films like, ‘Hey, everybody, look at us!’ We wanted it to feel very natural and very comfortable to the audience, so we have moments where we move our camera through space and we animated always thinking of depth, but never to the point where we give cheap thrills.”

“We don’t have any restrictions to what we can deliver to the screen, but what we don’t want to do is have 3D make the story do something, because you end up in that situation where things are getting thrown at the audience, even though you’re in the middle of important dialogue. Of course, there are natural points in the story where things get thrown at the camera. If we’re firing a meatball cannon at a dinosaur, we’re going to make the absolute most of it.”

“I view Phil as an artist and a technician. Steve is very passionate about his story, Phil is very passionate about stereoscopic, he lives, eats and breathes it, and the best thing about him is he speaks in layman’s terms, and you walk away going, ‘He just said something very complicated, and I totally got what he said.’”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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