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THE MOVIE: Disturbia

Shia LaBeouf • David Morse • Sarah Roemer • Aaron Yoo

Shia LaBeouf (as Kale) on the set with director DJ Caruso THE CONCEPT:
Kale (LaBeouf) is under a court-ordered house arrest for three months after striking his teacher, and if he steps beyond a 100-foot perimeter of the house he will go to prison. As the teenager’s boredom prevails, he begins to spy on the outside world and he begins to suspect that another neighbor (David Morse) may be an elusive serial killer…

U.S. RELEASE: April 13 2007, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“When Steven Spielberg called me, [we decided] we were going to take this and pay homage Hitchcock, but we didn’t want to remake Rear Window. So it was definitely the jumping off point, to update this concept of the boy locked in his house being the voyeur, but beyond that we tried not to do anything else that would feel too like Rear Window.”

“Something about having Steven Spielberg on your project makes you confident from the outset. You also felt confident because DJ was confident. It was one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve ever been on.”

“What I love about this movie is that it’s really fun. You really feel like you are a part of the spy team. I did when I watched it. It’s a good ride and then when it gets intense, it’s really scary. It’s a building story, and that’s what I really like because it is a lot about the characters and I think that makes the end even scarier.”

“Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything to me was one of the great love stories, and I wanted to bring that element and combine that with a thriller. What I’m most proud of is fifty minutes into the movie there’s no killer yet. But I think what works is that you get so involved in Kale and his character that when the thriller element kicks in it makes it that much more satisfying because it’s actually someone you care about.”

LaBEOUF on his fight scene with David Morse:
“It’s staged and you’re trying to be as safe as possible – but it’s all real, he’s a seven-foot guy, and I’m really 20 and we’re really going to fight, or this movie’s not going to work. There’s so much on the line, and you’ve been working for two months at this point, put so much into it, that when you get there, you’ve got all this adrenaline, and meanwhile David Morse has not been talking to me, period, said a word to me for two months. I wanted to fight!”

“At first we were rated R because our movie was too based in reality, that this could really happen made it scarier. So I did make some trims and changed some words and we got the PG-13 and I was very happy because it does play so well to that audience. For kids who grew up with Shia, this might feel like their first R movie experience.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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