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THE MOVIE: Mr. Brooks

Kevin Costner • Demi Moore • Dane Cook • Marg Helgenberger • William Hurt
DIRECTOR: Bruce A Evans

Marshall (William Hurt) and Mr Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) THE CONCEPT:
Earl Brooks (Costner), a successful businessman, generous philanthropist, loving husband and father… and a serial killer. So lethally clever that no one has ever suspected him. But then Brooks makes his first mistake, observed killing by a photographer (Cook) who blackmails him with a bizarre demand. These murders also unleash a tenacious detective (Moore) on Mr Brooks’ trail.

U.S. RELEASE: June 1 2007, Nationwide • Rated: R


“The decision to do [(such a dark film] was pretty simple. I thought the writing was the star of the movie, and while I didn’t see myself in that person, I thought I could do it. I love movies that surprise me, and I thought this had all those moments, and if we embraced them and went for them, I understood that it would be seen as a departure. I might be playing against type, but I think the movie is playing absolutely in parallel with everything else I’ve ever done. I think you could equate this movie very easily to Field of Dreams, in that it’s American in its sensibility, and I feel like the American cinema should be an original experience.”

“This was one of the few scripts that I read that was a page-turner; that continued to surprise me and was unpredictable. The characters were compelling and it was darkly comic in some places, which is my favorite type of humor. The fact that Kevin was attached to the part was especially intriguing to me because he’s mostly known as a heroic, iconic good guy. Kevin is just the coolest guy, so interested and supportive of my ideas, thoughts and opinions.”

"What I was most proud of Dan Cook about was that in this world of rising stardom where he was riding his own wave and still is, the moment I said, ‘If you’re interested in this role, then you’ve got to read for it,’ he put himself on tape and he read, and I respect that in an actor. So I know that Dane has a bigger idea about his career.”

DANE COOK (Mr Smith):
“It was like auditioning for American Idol [he laughs]. Actors will tell you, when somebody says, ‘Will you go on tape?’ it’s kind of a slow, painful death. But I did it. I was down in New Mexico doing Employee of the Month, and I literally ran between scenes, because I had one day to do it. I had one of my good friends who’s not an actor read the lines, he was awful, and I kept stopping because I would tell him how to act. I sent the tape and got the call, ‘You did it, kid. You’re in the flick.’”

“I’m confident that Mr. Brooks is as bloody as it should have been, it’s as poetic as it should have been and it has a sense of humor. I’m very confident in the movie’s ability to be shared two years from now, even ten years from now.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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