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THE MOVIE: Rush Hour 3

Jackie Chan • Chris Tucker • Max von Sydow
DIRECTOR: Brett Ratner

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Paris THE CONCEPT:
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reunite as Inspector Lee and Detective Carter, traveling to Paris to stop a global criminal conspiracy and save the life of an old friend Ambassador Hans now-grown daughter, Shoo Yung.

U.S. RELEASE: August 10 2007, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


Chris is truly a comedic genius. Jackie Chan is another type of genius. Working with Jackie, I feel like Im a part of cinema history. Hes like Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd all wrapped into one the most experienced, talented physical performer Ive ever worked with. You cant take your eyes off of them, you really care about them. This is not something I created; its something that just exists.

Jackie makes the fight scenes easy. He tells me to go to my trailer [in Jackies voice], Go to your trailer, I take care of you, so I would come back right before we started filming. Hed show me these easy steps, and Id see it cut together and say, Wow, that looks cool. Jackie is incredible with that stuff.

I dont worry about age, I just do it. I train a lot, and also the good thing is Im a stunt coordinator myself so I know how high I can jump, I know how good I am, so this is why I choose the location and choose things to help me. If Im tired we go do a dialogue scene.

I work out just before I start doing the movies. Ill go out on the road and do a tour to get my comedy chops together and get sharp and get my timing back. Other than that, I just show up and make sure Im in shape. Its a lot of hard work. Weve got to do take after take, but Jackie is so good at what he does it makes it easy. I like the fight scene on top of the Eiffel Tower, Jackie choreographed that cool stuff.

In Hollywood they use a lot of special effects like Superman and Spider-Man. I think its clever. Hollywood can make everybody become an action star, everybody wears a mask. So actually Im lucky. If everybody was like me Id probably be gone already. The audience likes this kind of action, and I have my own audience, so I cant retire.

Most people are surprise [that Im low-key]. Im normally a quiet person; most comedians are quiet because we observe a lot of things.

On Rush Hour when Chris would walk away I always walked the other way. At that time my English wasnt very good. He was hiding in his trailer and I was hiding my mine. After Rush Hour 2 we really were becoming good friends, I trusted him and he trusted me. Now we are like brothers. We call each other and go out to eat. Chris has changed. Before he was very quiet, but now he comes out of the trailer and talks.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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