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THE MOVIE: Skinwalkers

Jason Behr • Shawn Roberts • Rhona Mitra • Natassia Malthe

Blood huntersÖ THE CONCEPT:
Based on Navajo mythology, two packs of Skinwalkers (creatures who possess the power to change from Human to Werewolf; bound by blood, but divided by principles) become adversaries when a blood-red crescent Moon rises, signaling the coming of an ancient prophesy Ė and both packs go in search of the child who can change their destinyÖ

U.S. RELEASE: August 10 2007, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


ďSkinwalkers was one of the first scripts Iíve read that kept me completely engrossed. It had everything I wanted in a film and a story Ė it has special effects, it has great scenes, it has a great story, the characters are rich and full, the relationships are true. Itís about something more than just a scary movie.Ē

ďOne of the biggest draws for me was that Iím playing the bad guy. Itís such a departure for me. It was something Iíve never done before. Iím doing all these things Iíve always wanted to do as a kid and then as an actor. I got a chance to shoot guns and ride motorcycles and do all this insane wirework and stunts and just be a big, badass wolf.Ē

STAN WINSTON (Creature Effects):
ďItís not really the first time Iíve done a werewolf, but this is the first time Iíve been able to accomplish the werewolf that Iíve always wanted to do. Thereís a big difference there. In The Monster Squad, the end design is a direction I always wanted to go in, but technically I wasnít able to do it the way I want to and it ended up being a mask, and there wasnít any animation in it, there wasnít facial expression. I got a look I wanted, but I didnít get the performance I wanted to get, which is what Skinwalkers for me is about.Ē

ďI actually had a dream about being in a werewolf movie, it was a werewolf and there were dead animals on the ground and worms coming out of a dead animal. So I thought I was supposed to do a werewolf movie and I asked my agent to send me out for all werewolf movies.í

ďIíve always had an affinity for wolves, so I already had that deep rooted connection, but my character only gets to a certain stage in the transformation as we always restrain ourselves, so I never really had to work or worry about the movement and developing it. Being a good werewolf itís morally wrong to eat other human beings.Ē

ďI watched this documentary about the Sawtooth Mountain wolves, very free, very beautiful wolf packs. I then went to the zoo in Toronto to [watch the wolves] and they were a real reflection and representation of these two tribal packs. You have one thatís very free and then you have the ones that are in the zoo that I felt really bad for. Iím sure theyíre well taken care of, but they were confined, they were suppressed. It gave me a real clear vision of what these other guys are supposed to be and how free they were supposed to be.Ē

ďIt took a couple of months to design the wolves. I always look at everything we do through my eyes as an actor, as if I were playing the part. How would I want to look, how would I act and can I get that performance. We had to design characters that helped these actors create the Skinwalkers, not hinder them.Ē

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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