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THE MOVIE: 2 Days in Paris

Adam Goldberg • Julie Delpy
DIRECTOR: Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy as Marion and Adam Goldberg as Jack THE CONCEPT:
A Parisian getaway becomes anything but romantic for a high-strung New York couple. Marion (Delpy) a French photographer and Jack (Goldberg) an American interior designer, stop off in Paris for two days, where Jack has to deal with a new language, an unfamiliar culture, meeting Marionís sexually frank and permissive family, and a bevy of flirtatious ex-boyfriends.

U.S. RELEASE: August 10 2007, Limited • Rated: tba


ďWe [shot] this in four weeks. We had no rehearsal time, which was the only difficult thing for me. Especially with Adam, I wanted at least a week of rehearsal, but he was making a movie and showed up 12 hours before the shoot, so we had to adapt. In retrospect, I think too much rehearsal time could have actually been a bad thing.Ē

ďJulie had come to me before it was written, and it started out as a co-improvised venture, and it became more and more from her point-of- view; and more scripted on her part. A lot of the stuff that I do is stuff that I threw in, but itís still based on a script that ultimately she wrote.Ē

ďWhen you decide to make a movie with not a lot of money, you want to be surrounded with people you trust, like your family. I wrote most of the parts with actors in mind. I wrote the part of Jack for Adam; for Marionís parents I had my parents in mind [Marie Pillet and Albert Delpy] because they are wonderful actors.Ē

GOLDBERG on working with his ex-girlfriend:
ďItís not the first time Iíve done it, I must have issues because the first movie I directed, Scotch and Milk, I directed my ex-girlfriend [Clea Lewis], and her first movie she directed me. Iím not friends with any of my ex-girlfriends except for Julie. We have this well from which to draw that we felt would be beneficial if it was depicted on screen. Not that the situation itself is autobiographical, but the dynamic between us was, I think, a source of some amusement to the both of us.Ē

ďI was [romantically] involved with Adam for a short time. Truly to me it didnít have much influence in the film. I donít know about him, maybe more for him than me. Iím a very detached person, when itís over itís totally another world. Iíve always liked Adam, and the idea of putting him in a movie more than being with him. I shouldnít say that, heís not going to be happy about that.Ē

ďI donít know why anyone would expect a relationship to be easy; itís amazing to me that two people can spend as much time together as they do. I watch a lot of these true crime shows with women murdering husbands, husbands murdering their wives, and part of me is like, ĎWow, that sure happens a lot,í and part of me thinks, ĎIím really shocked that it happens only once every few months.íĒ

ďItís hard to be in a relationship, but itís so wonderful at the same time. When you have those moments when it works, like one minute out of forty days, itís actually lovely because you feel close to someone, you feel intimacy and love, and suddenly you donít feel alone in the world anymore.Ē

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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