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THE MOVIE: Delirious

Steve Buscemi • Michael Pitt • Alison Lohman • Gina Gershon

Toby and Les on a stakeout THE CONCEPT:
Small-time celebrity photographer Les Galantine (Buscemi) is looking for that great exclusive photo. He employs Toby (Pitt), a homeless kid, as his assistant. When Toby accidentally meets pop diva K’Harma Leeds (Lohman), an unlikely relationship blossoms, and Toby lands a part on a Reality Show, partly by sleeping with the show’s casting director Dana (Gershon). As Toby’s fortunes continue to rise, Les begins to fade into the background where he begins to plan his revenge.

U.S. RELEASE: August 15 2007, Limited • Rated: tba


“This is not about paparazzi in general, which I think is an important note to make. I’m not making a statement about paparazzi; this is a very particular guy. There are many different levels of paparazzi, some of them are actually very courtesy and they take their work very seriously, others are seriously disturbed. I was more interested in this guy, that is so isolated as a human being, so twisted, so crippled by what life had done to him.”

“I love working with Tom. He’s one of the few truly independent filmmakers working today. It’s been a while since we’ve worked this closely together, and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“I wrote the role for Steve, but I didn’t know he was going to be in it. I gave it to him and I never heard from him. Two weeks went by and I finally called him, and he said, ‘Tom, I read it, but I’m not going to do it.’ He was a little disturbed by some of my attempts to make the guy as realistic as possible. He had some suggestions about how to give him a little bit more humanity, so I put that into it and eventually he came around. But I wrote it for him, there was no one else that I knew who could play that part, no one.”

“I had seen Living in Oblivion, and I’d always wanted to work with Tom DiCillo, so that was definitely something that was a huge attraction. I read the script and loved it for many reasons. And (I liked) the idea of playing a pop star who wasn’t just one-dimensional, there was some emotional context to her, and I liked showing that side of it.”

“K’Harma’s music video was Alison’s first day of shooting on the film. I felt the best way to get her into it was to dump a bucket of water onto her.”

“I enjoyed making the video. It’s fun because it’s not me; and maybe it is me, it’s an aspect of me. I had a good time and I loved wearing the costume, if you want to know the honest truth.”

“I wasn’t thinking about anyone in particular when I was creating Dana. I think she’s just a working woman who all of a sudden sees Toby and thinks, ‘Wow,’ I could really do something with him.’ I imagine casting directors when they find someone who they think is kind of the next big thing, it’s exciting, and then she get emotionally and romantically involved with him and she gets dumped for some younger starlet. It’s an age old story.”

“I did do research on my character. I went to clubs; I went to Nichole Richie’s book opening party, just to get a feel of it, as I don’t really go to those parties, so I needed to know what it was all about.”

“If we were in Europe or England maybe we’d be obsessed with the Royal Family. We don’t have that here, so we obsess on celebrities. A celebrity’s life seems so luxurious, so people get excited when they read that the person is in rehab again. There’s some weird, sick satisfaction because they’re more like you, misery loves company.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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