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The Amateurs
(aka The Moguls)
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THE MOVIE: The Amateurs
(aka The Moguls)

Jeff Bridges • Ted Danson • Lauren Graham • Joe Pantoliano
DIRECTOR: Michael Traeger

Jeff Bridges and Lauren Graham THE CONCEPT:
Down-and-out divorcee Andy Sargentee (Bridges), with the help of his five motley friends, including the closeted, but obviously gay Moose (Danson), decide they are going to rally their small town into backing an amateur adult film. Their good-natured attempts lead to the creation of the most un-adult, adult movie ever made.

U.S. RELEASE: December 7 2007, Limited
• Rated: R


“Like most of the movies I get involved with, I resisted as long as possible. I try to figure out why I shouldn’t do it, but the reasons that attracted me to it in the first place is that it was so unusual. I haven’t read a script like this, it was attempting to put the porn aspect and this heartfelt sweetness – I thought that was very ambitious but I didn’t know if Mike Traeger, who had never directed a film, would be able to pull it off. I read it three or four times, and finally I said, ‘Alright, I want to organize a reading and we’ll see how this is not going to work.’ So we all sat at a big table and read the script and it just flew, it was great. That swept me up and I figured, maybe Mike can hit this very small target, because it could have not worked, and I think it works very well.”

Ted Danson“I love Moose, he loves people, he wants to be loved, he finds his friends so interesting and just wants to be a part of the group. I think his huge fear later in the film is that he won’t be able to hang out with the guys watching football. That’s the scariest thing for him. I don’t think he’s actually ever had sex, I think he went to a Broadway show when he was 15 and it changed his life!”

“Probably the coolest surprise casting-wise was Mary Steenburgen said, ‘It’s a wonderful script, and I like the part, but the real reason that I’m here is to agent my husband Ted Danson, he must play Moose.’ We had never considered him, and we said, ‘Really? He’s a great actor, we’ll try him.’ And he knocked it out of the park. He was wonderful.”

“I want to know why she didn’t recommend me for a Chuck Norris part, she recommended me for the gay guy. The hormone count in my family is a real delicate balance, I can talk fabric with the best of you ladies!”

“One of the themes that I think runs through the whole movie is about how important friendship is, and I think one of the cool things about this movie is that Mike Traeger and the producer Aaron Ryder are best friends, so that initial relationship permeated the whole shooting of it. So I hope that people come away appreciating their own friendships.”

“Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite people on the planet. He is one of our best actors in America, he’s hands-down an amazing actor. And he has this exuberance like it’s his first movie, he rehearses, cares about the project, he had us over to his house for three days of sleepovers to get the buddy thing going – he was like this new, kid actor who couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera, and it was so contagious that we all had a great time. We had great parts and we had a great leader.”

Ted Danson, William Fichtner, Jeff Bridges, Tim Blake Nelson, Joe Pantoliano, and Patrick Fugit

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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Film Review, #691, January 2008 cover

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