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THE MOVIE: 27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl • James Marsden • Edward Burns
DIRECTOR: Anne Fletcher

Poster artwork THE CONCEPT:
Jane’s (Heigl) entire life has been about making other people happy, and she has a closet full of 27 bridesmaid dresses that proves it. One memorable night she is spotted by cynical newspaper reporter Kevin (Marsden), as she shuttles back and forth between two wedding receptions. Kevin realizes that a story on this wedding junkie could be his ticket off the bridal beat.

U.S. RELEASE: January 18 2008, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


Q: Your career is on a roll lately, with Grey’s Anatomy and the movies taking off.

“I think that the nature of my career has certainly changed drastically. It seemed to happen all at once, so it was hard to keep a perspective on it. I think it’s just been the most gratifying and gracious year of my life, personally and professionally. I can only hope that 2008 is just as wonderful, maybe in a different way, because I’m scared to hope that it would be just as awesome as this year.

Q: What do you like about Jane, your character in 27 Dresses? HEIGL:
Jane in her Bahama Mama (above) and Princess (below) bridesmaid dresses“I identified with aspects of her, she was an extreme, but I’ve met and known women like her. They have taken a back seat to what everyone else wants. They don’t really go after their own happiness. What I loved about Jane was the progression of her character. She starts out just a doormat. There are very clear and honest reasons for that, like her mother dying when she was little, her relations with her sister, and you understand why she doesn’t go after George [Edward Burns]. She’s his assistant, she works for him, and it would be unprofessional. At the same time it’s easier than proclaiming your love for somebody and being turned down. She’s sort of chosen the path of least resistance for herself. By the end of the movie she is able to break the habit and find happiness for herself. She makes that a priority and I liked that part.”

Q: Was there ever a moment or situation in your life where you could be as stoic and as selfless as Jane to not say what you really think, or do you just tell it like it is?:
“I have never been as selfless as Jane. I think most women have been in a position of being of being a real people pleaser, at one time or another, in their lives. I kind of got over that in my early twenties. It took Jane a lot longer and in a way more dramatic way. I think that if you couch how you feel too often then you are not really being true to yourself.”

Q: How was the karaoke scene with you and James Marsden?:
James Marsden“It’s my favorite scene, it was the most fun to film, and one of those great fantasy fulfillment moments. There is no way in hell I would ever get drunk enough to do such a thing. It was so fun to actually get to be that person for that day of filming. Jimmy [Marsden] is just stupid funny so it made it really easy to play off of him. The only problem is that he can actually sing. He has a really great voice, which I thought was a really unfair advantage. I asked him to please work to sing badly, so that I didn’t look like such an idiot.”

Q: Do you have a memory of having to wear a particularly bad bridesmaid dress and what was your favorite of the ones that you had to wear in the movie?:
“I haven’t yet had to wear a terrible bridesmaid dress. My sister, who got married in October, was very considerate about her bridesmaid dresses. My favorite of the bridesmaid dresses in the movie was the Gone With the Wind one. I felt very Scarlett O’Hara, which was fun for me. The ones I didn’t like were the other 26 of them.”

Too many dresses

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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