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THE MOVIE: Over Her Dead Body

Eva Longoria Parker • Paul Rudd • Jason Biggs
• Lake Bell
DIRECTOR: Jeff Lowell

Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) tries to frighten Ashley (Lake Bell) by levitating and speaking as if in a trance THE CONCEPT:
Demanding and controlling Kate (Longoria Parker) is obsessed about her upcoming wedding to easy-going veterinarian Henry (Rudd). On their wedding day Kate is accidentally killed by a falling ice sculpture of an angel. A year later, Henry is unable to move on, so his sister convinces him to see Ashley (Bell), a psychic who also runs a catering company with her gay friend Dan (Biggs), hoping that a message from Kate will come through and help him. But when Kate sees that Henry and Ashley are attracted to each other she is determined to destroy their relationship.

U.S. RELEASE: February 1 2008, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


Lake Bell and Jeff Lowell review a scene The movie started with a fight with a friend of mine who is actually a believer in psychic phenomenon. I am definitely a skeptic, and being a writer I immediately thought, How can I turn this into a movie? What would it take for a skeptic to fall in love with a psychic?

Eva Longoria Parker as the dead KateWhen I read the script I thought the ghost was the best character, because I thought she had all the fun stuff to do, she had all the physical comedy. Ghosts are obviously limitless, you can do anything. Ive never played a ghost, and I thought, Oh what a fun time to levitate and float. It was a pain in the butt [to levitate] because of the wiring, and theres such a safety thing. Im like, Im only raising four feet off the ground, I think Ill be fine. But its such a process doing those scenes, and then because they have to digitally erase the wires you cant really change positions; I couldnt really do anything. So its a little limiting in your acting, but when you see it, it looks great.

I have visited a psychic, particularly because of this movie. I wanted to see what it was like to be in the room with someone who literally claims to be able to do that. I was a skeptic of clairvoyants, but I went in with an open mind as much as I could. By the end of it I was definitely impressed to the point where I had taken notes, and when I referred to them, when events happened in my life, it was a little eerie. I guess she was right, so Im under the impression that certain people have more connections to their spirituality than others. I want to believe, I think its really fun and interesting.

Lake is awesome. I think she has this whole Julia Roberts thing going. Shes beautiful and funny, and really likeable and I think this film is going to be great for her. Shes really funny, smart and cool.

LOWELL on the fine line the Evas character walks, being bossy and yet likable:
The original title was'Ghost Bitch', and to her credit Eva embraced that, she thought that should have been the title the whole time. She plays it very sweetly and its a sympathetic case, it is this woman who lost her husband on her wedding day, and then is trying to protect him from someone whos lying to him. With all these things you trade on the charisma of the actor.

I just didnt want her to come off as not justified in her anger. We only had that one scene at the beginning of the movie with Henry and Kate to see our relationship and then Im dead. So you had to see in that one scene the he really adores me. It was a fine balance to justify it and particularly for me to differentiate Gabrielle (in Desperate Housewives) from Kate. She is more egotistical and conceited, Kate is more on a mission, she is going to protect Henry.

BIGGS on psychics:
Im a bit of a cynic I have to admit. Im open-minded enough to be proven otherwise, but Im a scientific guy. Im a tangible evidence kind of guy. But if I see a ghost or the psychic spews out a whole bunch of information that only she could know because she a psychic then you got me.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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