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THE MOVIE: The Hottie & the Nottie

Paris Hilton • Joel David Moore • Christine Lakin
DIRECTOR: Tom Putnam

Paris Hilton and Christine Lakin THE CONCEPT:
Nate Cooper (Moore) has pined away for Cristabel Abbot (Hilton) since they were in first grade together. Unfortunately, Cristabels best friend from first grade, the less than attractive June (Lakin) are still inseparable. Determined to woo Christabel, Nate must get a make-over for June so she can find a boyfriend. But as he and June become friends, he realizes the girl of his dreams isnt the 'hottie' after all.

U.S. RELEASE: February 8 2008, Limited
• Rated: PG-13


Paris HiltonThe writer [Heidi Ferrer] came to me with it and said, I wrote this with you in mind, and theres no one else who can play the Hottie, will you please play it? And I read it and fell in love with it. I think its a really fun film, but it also has a beautiful message. It was a cute, fun love story about two best friends.

CHRISTINE LAKIN on seeing herself in the ugly make up for the first time:
Christine LakinThey had turned me away from the mirror because I think they didnt want me to start getting freaked out halfway through, and be like, Screw it, Im not doing this. When they first turned me around I was a little shocked, I thought I looked a little bit like a cave woman. It took a couple of seconds to get used to it, but in that moment of me seeing myself in the mirror the character really started to come to life. And then I loved looking at myself in the mirror and making faces, and baring my ugly teeth to people, especially to Paris.

I receive a variety of different scripts, Horror films, comedies, but out of all the ones I read, this was the one I liked the most. I think a lot of people see me from The Simple Life, Ive been doing that show for five seasons, its a reality show where Im playing a character, so Im basically acting in that. Maybe people think thats really how I am, but its not. And Ive been working with Ivana Chubbuck, whos an incredible acting coach, and Ive worked really hard for this, and now Im taking it seriously.

LAKIN on when she and Hilton dressed up like their characters and went to a club:
We talked about doing it ever since we started the movie. I think it was the first day I was in the makeup trailer, the producer came in and she said, It would be so funny to see you two actually out on the town like this. We both laughed at the idea of how people would react to us. And when we were in Sundance, I said, I still really want to do it. She was like, Me too. So we called the makeup artist from the movie, I put a hat on and we were ready to go. We went to a club, and the Nottie was out until about three. It was fantastic. There was an utter sense of confusion of us walking in, with people looking at Paris and being like, Oh, its Paris oh, who is that unfortunate girl next to her? A lot of people didnt know it was our characters in the movie, so some people were trying to take pictures of Paris and not get me in them. It was very funny.

I think every girl feels like a 'Nottie' sometimes. Were all human. Im just a sweet person with a big heart. Im having the time of my life and Im very happy, and I just want to make people smile and bring some color into the world.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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