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THE MOVIE: Sex and the City: The Movie

Sarah Jessica Parker • Kim Cattrall • Kristin Davis • Cynthia Nixon
DIRECTOR: Michael Patrick King

Sarah Jessica Parker THE CONCEPT:
Based on the successful HBO series, the movie takes place four years later, as Carrie (Parker), Samantha (Cattrall), Charlotte (Davis) and Miranda (Nixon) continue to juggle their jobs, friendships and relationships while they start to navigate motherhood and marriage.

U.S. RELEASE: May 30 2008, Nationwide • Rated: R


Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall
KRISTIN DAVIS on the popular TV series:

Kristin Davis“It was not at all what any of us expected. You never expect something to be as successful and go for as long as we got to go. We had just a really incredible time.”

Cynthia Nixon“The success of the show stemmed from a lot of things. It starts with the writing. It’s really clever and heartfelt writing. People watch the show over and over, the same episode five, 10 times because it’s so jam-packed full of content. Not just jokes – ideas. And I think the actors are wonderful.”

Kim Cattrall“It was about women joining together as a new family, girlfriends sticking together through thick and thin. And those relationships are what made the show so popular.”

SARAH JESSICA PARKER on how her character Carrie has grown in four years:
Sarah Jessica Parker“She is a sometimes contributor to Vogue. She’s working on her fourth book – the three previous were best-sellers. So she’s experiencing New York City in a different way. It’s the first time she’s been wise and smart enough and prudent enough to save money. She’s much more of an adult.”

“[Samantha sees] her girlfriends are getting married and having babies; there is that feeling of being left behind not just distance-wise.”

PARKER on Mr Big, who is played by Chris Noth:
Chris Noth and Sara Jessica Parker“Men love him. They’ll say to me, ‘You’re not going to do something awful to Mr Big, are you?’ And women of course swoon because he’s the guy. He’s worth every argument, every fight. And there’s just nobody in the world I would have wanted to do this with other than Chris.”

“We are like a really intense family. We have some new additions, and a few people couldn’t join us, but largely most of us are together for the movie.”

“When we came back to shoot the movie, I was intellectually prepared, I thought, for some level of interest on the streets. But I don’t think I had any understanding of the degree to which people’s interest would be.”

“The first day I expected a group of fans or onlookers or some press, but when I came to the set, and stepped out of the car in the morning, I felt like I was at a premiere.”

“It was like a three-ring circus. It was stunning. Not a day would go by that someone wouldn’t say how much they miss the show or how much they love the show. They’re very supportive fans.”

“Everybody had committed themselves to us in such incredible ways, and sacrificed time with their children and family. Some of the best memories I ever had professionally were at two or three in the morning, on some crazy unknown street, and still laughing and enjoying each other’s company.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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