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THE MOVIE: My Best Friendís Girl

Kate Hudson • Dane Cook • Jason Biggs • Alec Baldwin
DIRECTOR: Howard Deutch

Poster artwork THE CONCEPT:
Alexis (Hudson) is the girl of Dustinís (Biggs) dreams, but after coming on too strong, she is forced to slow things down Ė permanently. Desperate to get her back, Dustin turns to his best friend, Tank (Cook) the rebound specialist, a master at seducing and offending women, taking them out on the worst dates of their lives, so that the horrendous experience sends them running gratefully back to their boyfriends.

U.S. RELEASE: September 19 2008, Nationwide • Rated: R


Kate Hudson, Howard Deutch and Dane CookďIt was a lot of fun to direct this because the cast are spontaneous and elevate everything they do. It was kind of like a bunch of thoroughbreds that are at a starting gate and they canít wait to get out and you got to make sure they stay on track. Thatís how it was for me. Great collaboration. Everybody had the great chemistry we needed for this to be the movie that it turned out to be.Ē

ďFrom the thoroughbred point of view, Howard was like the jockey on our back whipping us. When I first sat down with him to talk about the movie, and being familiar with his film repertoire, there was an immediate synergy. The same thing happened with Jason and Kate. We were off to a good start from script to director to great people to work with.Ē

Kate HudsonďI have had a couple pretty bad dates; one date I just left before we ordered food because the guy was so deeply boring. I thought Iíd just save all of us from this and leave. It was years ago.Ē

Kate Hudson and Dane CookďI love how Tank is trying to use is power for good and not evil. Iím actually teaching a class at The Learning Annex of how to be like Tank Turner. I think itís great that you can play a character that has a bit of silliness and uses his dirty deeds for good at the end. There are definitely guys that take the aggressive approach, no filter, use lewd and lascivious behavior and get the girl. Itís fun being bad! Everybody likes a villain. Everybody likes the bad guy. But we also like when thereís a turn, and thatís what happens with Tank.Ē

ďThe movies that Iíve been involved with have been quite straight and narrow and this was definitely not that. I felt Alexis was more close to my girlfriends and the things Iíve experienced.ď

ďThereís no doubt about it. Kate has incredible chemistry with Dane. Itís like nitro and glycerin. Itís really explosive.Ē

ďI am around funny people all my whole life. Kate is one of the funniest people that Iíve met. To say she has the funny bone, she has the terminator exoskeleton version of that. Sheís so good, sheís a tremendously gifted comedic person and going toe-to-toe and being able to play whatís on the page, which was so solid, but when we had time to go off the chain a little bit, we were just able to lob it up for one another and knock them out of the park.Ē

ďI hope that people relate to this movie on an adult level in terms of the relationships because we really tried to make them ring true.Ē

ďThe thing that is unique about this movie is that neither of the lead characters even wants to fall in love. Itís not a traditional romantic comedy in any sense. But even though it has an edge, itís filled with heart too.Ē

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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