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THE MOVIE: Nights in Rodanthe

Richard Gere • Diane Lane
DIRECTOR: George C Wolfe

Richard Gere and Diane Lane THE CONCEPT:
Based on Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel: Adrienne (Lane), a woman still reeling from her husband’s betrayal, is asked by her friend to manage her inn in Rodanthe for a weekend, and Adrienne jumps at the chance to get away. Solitary guest, Paul (Gere), a doctor from the city, comes to the inn for the weekend to fulfill a difficult obligation, and as a major storm closes in, Adrienne and Paul turn to each other for comfort.

U.S. RELEASE: September 26 2008, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


Richard Gere and George C Wolfe“[When I first got the script] it was not perfect. It didn’t give us space to let anything organic happen. It was trying to work it too much in an obvious kind of way. It was kind of fluffy, out in the air somewhere. There wasn’t a director involved. I think for me it was probably meeting George [Wolfe] that I said, ‘Okay, here is a smart guy.’ We just talked about movies, story telling; I had a comfort level with him. I spoke with Diane and said, ‘I feel good with this guy. We’ll develop it, it won’t be easy, but we’ll find what there is in this material that resonates with us. We’ll try to bring something to it.’”

Diane Lane“George would talk a lot about the energy of the scene. He talked about the [inn] being a character in the story that goes through the storm, as we are part of the story going through our storm. There are these parallel lines, it’s very theatrically described.”

“George has a sense of the threatrical. I think coming from the world of theatre, he’s more of an idea guy. What’s the idea of the scene? Then we would construct something that would make that work. I think that a lot of movie directors tend to go by the feeling of it, and find a way to film the feeling, rather than something that is more manifest in the behavior.”

LANE on what she and Gere discovered about each other working together for the third time:
Richard Gere and Diane Lane“It’s true that Richard and I have this thing. It feels like five minutes ago we were in Germany doing [Unfaithful] and it was eight years ago. It’s wonderful to have the comfort level of all our past conversations and experiences, to not have to wear kid gloves. We can get right in there and trust each other’s boundaries, or not be worried about walking on egg shells like you would with somebody you’ve just met.”

“I discovered that Diane is still 18 and I grew older. That’s what I discovered! [he laughs] I think what Diane said is true. If you have a built in level of respect and trust, and an openness to be yourself, especially in film acting, then you are way ahead. It allows for a deeper and uncensored communication.”

LANE on what the movie teaches us:
“I’d have to go in another room and think about that one.”

Richard Gere and Diane Lane“She is stuck on the word teach. I don’t know that the movie is teaching anything. Aren’t movie that work a mirror in some way, so we can see ourselves? I don’t think this is a story for teenagers. When they become parents, then they will see it like we all do. I think these people have been through a lot. They know themselves enough that they know what’s emotionally and psychologically real and what isn’t. It’s very hard to be a kid and know that, you are floating on hormones. I think these people have a certain dignity and responsibility about them, that they listen to each other. They can be affected by each other. But they trust their basic instincts that they are going towards the good.”

“You really thought you had it figured out, then somebody challenges you and that is very affecting. To open that door of being willing to reassess one’s self, one’s ambitions in life, and say, ‘I can do better, and what would that look like?’ because somebody else has forced you to open your eyes where you didn’t want to look. That’s very endearing. That is what intimacy is. So, when somebody sees something about you that you would rather not look at yourself, it can definitely get the adrenaline going.”

“I keep trying to find scripts that I can’t do with Diane, because it’s so obvious that we should be doing everything together. Every time I read something it’s always, ‘It’s Diane, isn’t it?’”

Diane Lane and Richard Gere

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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