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Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

STARS: Gina PhilipsJustin Long

Driving home for spring break, Trish (Gina Philips) and her younger brother Darry (Justin Long) pass an old church where they catch a glimpse of a dark, cloaked figure dropping something down a drainage pipe. To their horror, the cloaked figure sees and begins to chase them, but vanishes after running the couple off the road.

Trish and Darry return to the church to discover an unspeakable scenario. As they race to the nearest town for help, they find the mysterious cloaked figure - the Creeper - closing in on them.

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"My brother and I loved to watch The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Dracula and Frankenstein and all the old monster movies. Those were the kinds of movies I joyously made in high school, never thinking of making any other kind of film. Their power comes from suspense, the shadows on the wall. Even though Jeepers Creepers has a few graphic moments, I tried not to predicate it on gore, but rather on suspense and images that would be hard to forget - not because they're graphic, but because they're unnerving and indelible."
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"I loved the script, but when I read it I figured they'd go with someone more well-known. I went into the audition feeling super confident because I didn't think there was any chance in hell I'd get the part."
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"I was cast before Justin and I had to read with a lot of really good actors who (read) well for the part of Darry. But when Justin walked in that room, apart from being a wonderful actor, right away I felt like he was my brother."
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"It's so important to have that human element (in the film), because if you don't care about us as brother and sister, the movie won't matter. As great as the special effects are, it's crucial that people care about us and believe that we're real people. And that's been a challenge, making fear real. Having people identify with you while you're going through this traumatic experience has been a huge challenge."
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"Jeepers Creepers is full of ordinary moments with the brother and sister, but then this thing whams them. Then they get a moment of breathing and reassembling, and then we wham them again. We keep taking them to place after place that might be a safe haven, but this creature is so unstoppable that he takes every place and turns it into another place where they're reminded they're being pursued..."
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