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Feature: 60-Film Summer Preview

Sex and the City: The Movie

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker

“I’m not sure anything needs to be resolved. [Carrie and Mr Big] are a part of each other’s lives, through all the twists and turns.”
Chris Noth

We were mobbed on [the shoot for] Sex and the City on the first week. I mean, every set we were on there were 500 people with their camera phone. I’ve never seen anything like it. And they stayed there all day long.”

Actor Chris Noth is clearly bemused by the level of interest in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, although it’s not hard to see why people would be clamouring to see what’s going on. Ever since the TV show, which follows the New York City lives and loves of sex journalist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her glamorous friends, hit our screens in 1998, it proved a ratings winner and anticipation is high for their first big screen outing. And yet Noth, who plays Carrie’s on-again-off-again lover Mr Big, seems genuinely surprised by the furore, particularly when he describes his encounter with a burly truck driver during the Big Apple shoot.

“We thought he was going to jump out and go, ‘You f**kers have been holding me up all day. Get your asses out of here!’ [He looked like] he was going to be really pissed off. But he was like, ‘When are you going to marry Carrie?’ That’s all he wanted!”

In fact, the answer to that particular question is all a lot of SatC fans want to know, particularly as the show ended with Mr Big whisking Carrie off her feet in Paris, not to mention the teaser trailer that featured Carrie in a fabulous wedding gown. Of course Noth knows the answer, but he’s certainly not prepared to give it up. “I have never, ever been on a set where there was that much interest in trying to figure out what’s going on,” he laughs. Although he does reveal a tantalizing titbit. “But everyone in the papers got it completely wrong because everything is so out of context. They just don’t understand just because they see someone in a wedding dress, it doesn’t necessarily mean what they think it’s going to mean. But that’s the beauty of the movie!”

Wedding or not, the relationship between Carrie and Big will undoubtedly form the backbone of the movie, so is Noth happy with the way in which his character is treated in the film? “I am, very. I can honestly say from the writing and the way we’ve shot it that I’m pretty happy. “It’s a continuation,” he says, cryptically, about how it ties in with the storyline of the show. “I’m not sure anything needs to be resolved. They are a part of each other’s lives, you know, through all the twists and turns.”

Noth won’t say whether the movie will be the last outing for Carrie, Big et al, but he’s determined that he won’t push the character further than he feels he should go. “I don’t think you could call it Sex and the City if I’m in a wheelchair!” he exclaims. “No, there’ll be no Sex and the City with wheelchairs. It’ll be the Golden Girls and the old guys!”

by Adrienne Curtis

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#696, June 2008
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