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A taste of what's out there on the Web covering the vast medium of movies
Here are some sites worth noting…
Updated January 2008

General sites

When visiting sites please remember that release dates, certification and promotional material (including trailers available for download) will probably differ from country to country. Even the film titles may be different.

The World of Film

Apple Movie Trailers
High-quality previews of current and upcoming movie releases, grouped by distributor. Click here

Arthouse, Wndependent & World Cinema
A UK-based website worth visiting. Click here

Cinema Confidential
Good site for movie gossip of all kinds, with no apparent genre limitations. Early reviews, opinionated features, and an all-round sense of the industry buzz. Click here

Cinescape Online Movie Index
A handy run-down of what's hitting the screens and when in the Staets. Geared to a genre-loving audience, especially Sci-Fi. News service often updated several times daily. Click here

Dark Horizons
film news, rumours and Scoops from a wide-ranging unofficial site for lovers of Sci-Fi, Horror and Action films.
Click here

That's E! as in Entertainment. They say: "a colorful, daily dose of Hollywood delivered in a fun, hip, irreverent tone.". We say: they're not kidding about the colour. Jump to the crammed movies section of this sizeable network (24-hour cable TV channels on the side, so they're all ready for that TV-to-PC convergence)
Click here

Film Four
A UK site attached to the broadcaster Channel 4. Click here

Future Movies UK
British movie review and film-making website. Click here

Hollywood Online
Good for video interview clips and soundtrack selections
Click here

Internet Movie Database
A vast database of movies, with all kinds of information. The key research tool for movie info of any era. Click here

Movie HQ
Everything Movie, from A Movie to Z Movie
Just a click away

Oscar Awards
When it comes to the time, here's where you'll find evrything Oscar, at the Official Academy Awards Site

Revelation Films
DVD releases of films and television. Click here

Trailer Park
Some of the most comprehensive access to trailers and other clip sequences old and new. Click here

On-line version of Hollywood's revered trade paper. Very much about movies as an industry, but no less fascinating for that. Unique use of English a speciality. Click here is a resource celebrating non-mainstream, cult, indie, left-field, art house films (alt-flix for short)

Hollywood Distributors

20th Century Fox
The home site

Buena Vista
The more adult site of Disney, which 'encompasses films from throughout the US film industry and follows films from production through video/DVD release'. Clcik here

The official site

The home site that leads to movies (and everything else MGM…)

The home site

Sony Pictures
The home site

Warner Brothers
The home site

Some sites with a particular point of view…

Off the usual track

Ain't It Cool
A personalised views of films. Click here

AstroneF magazine
For information on Science Fiction à la Francaise, try this Montreal-based e-zine. Clcik here

Editing Room (The)
A website devoted to 'bringing movie buffs around the world completely innacurate, short scripts of movies'. You have been warned… Click here

As listed in the Hollywood Bytes Supplement and all in one place…

Film Review's Top Sites

With its ease of use, extremely competitive prices and huge amount of stock, Play must be the first stop for all your DVD needs. It also has a comprehensive and continuously updated coming soon list that tells you what to look out for

DVD Active
Simply one of the best sites for DVD news and specs, featuring artwork, release dates and content information for all major releases across all regions. Reliable and up to date, this site will tell you all you need to know about any upcoming DVD purchase

Screen Select
Online DVD rental is now big business, and with ‘s choice of over 51,500 titles you’ll certainly never been short of ideas. Best of all, once you’ve signed up you can keep your DVD for as long as you need and then as soon as you send it back they will send your next choice. What’s more, would like to give Film Review readers in the UK a free trial.
See Issue #670 (June 2006) for full details!

The Stinkers
This hilarious site celebrates every truly awful movie ever made, from The Avengers to Waterworld. Containing everything from trailers to reviews, polls and lists from a variety of sources, it brings you the very best in bad entertainment

Four Word Film Reviews
Want to know what to expect from a movie but short on time? Then log on to Four Word Film Review and read – yep, you’ve guessed it – films reviewed in four words. It’s a simple idea but very entertaining and extremely addictive

The Editing Room
Want to know what happens in a film but don’t want to sit though it? Never fear, ’cos The Editing Room is here! Rod Hilton’s fabulous site features condensed scripts for a huge number of films – all written with tongue firmly in cheek

The 30 Second Bunny Theatre
This ingenious site features an animated troupe of bunnies re-enacting a selection of films in 30 seconds or less, taking on everything from Brokeback Mountain to The Exorcist. Go there now because it’ll be the funniest thing you’ll see all day!

So you’ve completed the Film Review crossword and answered all the competition questions, but you still feel the need to flex your movie trivia muscle? Then visit Film Wise, and you’ll find enough movie quizzes to satisfy even the most rampant quiz appetite

Ok, so it’s not only a film website but we just had to include Ebay for the simple fact that it gives the movie merchandise buyer access to such a huge variety of items. Whether it’s Harrison Ford’s Indy hat or back issues of Film Review, you can find almost anything from the world of movies

Internet Movie Database
Set up in Bristol in 1990, this site has gone on to become a behemoth of movie info, providing everything you could ever want to know about any film you could ever want to know it about. Absolutely indispensable in both the professional and personal arenas

Fallen in love with the music on a trailer but have no idea what it is? Just watched a movie with an awesome soundtrack and want to know more about it? Then this site is for you – a fantastic resource devoted to movie music of all genres

Easy Cinema
It’s a simple yet genius idea, so trust easyJet founder Stelios to come up with a site which lets you look up film times for ALL cinemas across the country. Want to see Mission: Impossible 3 in Milton Keynes? Just type in the movie and the postcode and let this site do all the legwork for you

Rotten Tomatoes
This fantastic site brings together movie reviews from a wide variety of American publications. Not only does this allow you to read several different viewpoints, but the hosts also provide a ‘fresh’ or ‘rotten’ tomato rating for an at-a-glance opinion on each film

British Film Institute
The official website of the British Film Institute is a wealth of information. With its archive of National Film Theatre interview transcripts, images, news about festivals and touring programmes, the BFI is truly a national resource to be proud of

Box Office Mojo
A website that does exactly what it says on the tin, bringing in-depth results and analysis from the USA box office. With a wealth of statistics and summaries to be found the site gives a great forecast of how well a movie might do when it reaches the rest of the world

Ain’t It Cool News
Ain’t it Cool News creator Harry Knowles has become so much of a Hollywood institution that you are guaranteed to find all the latest bits of gossip, reviews, trailers and anything else you might want to shake a stick at

Founder Berge Garabedian (AKA Joblo) isn’t shy about voicing his opinions, but it doesn’t stop him getting access to some damn fine material, including exclusive on set pics, posters and trailers

Dark Horizons
Although Garth Franklin’s site is now one of the big boys in the ever-changing world of movie news, it still caters for absolutely everyone who loves films and, as such, is an exceptional one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs

Coming Soon
This affiliate of the Crave online entertainment network focuses on upcoming movie releases. As such it’s a great source for scoping out future projects and absolutely invaluable if you want to know who’s doing what in the film universe

The Movie Blog
John Campea and Doug Nagy are becoming something of cult heroes among plugged in film fans, as their Audio Movie Blog – available through Apples’ Itunes – keeps hundreds of listeners up to date about the latest cinematic news and releases

Guardian Unlimited
This is, in our opinion, the best online newspaper film site combining insightful reviews from its critics Peter Bradshaw and Philip French, with top-notch news, blogs and interviews. Excellent stuff

What cinema goers have thought of new releases. See the videos…

Vox Pops

Bourne Ultimatum in London, October 2007
What they said about the Best Bits
What they Recommended
Their thoughts


What's coming, here or still showing

Movies of the Moment

Blood Diamond
A quest to recover a rare pink diamond that can transform the lives of a South African mercenary and a Mende fisherman
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Just Like Heaven
Starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Click here

The official site , complete with a countdown to Number 3…

Visiting (The)
See our entry on the Sci-Fi Central Links page
Click here

Movies worth remembering

Movie Memories

Bond, James Bond…
The official site

Brothers Grimm (The)

Exorcism of Emily Rose (The)

Fog 2005 (The)

Green Mile (The)
The Green Mile

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Official US site
The Official UK site

TV Spot 1
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TV Spot 2
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Harry Potter meets Lord Voldemort
See the historic meeting in the fourth film…
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Medium   &   High
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King Kong (2005)

Lord of the Rings (The)
The epic trilogy continues to enthrall on the official site


Superman Returns
See our entry/entries on the Sci-Fi Central Links page
Click here

Underworld Evolution (Flash 8)
See our entry/entries on the Heart of Horror Links page
Click here


Some places to find out more about movie music…

Film Score Monthly
Online magazine devoted exclusively to film and television scores. Click here

Soundtrack Net
Celebrating 'The Art of Film and Television Music'. Click here

Behind the Scenes

Visual Effects of old…
Go down memory lane for 'five years of coverage of the feature film visual effects industry' at VFX HQ