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Sites devoted to such shows as Star Trek were amongst the first to show up on the Net. Since then, television and film companies have also got in on the act and official sites for Sci-Fi are often amongst the most innovative and imaginative, featuring games, trailers and all sorts of wonderful graphics.
Here are a few jumping-off points.
The future is still out there…

Updated February 2008

General sites

AFM (AstroneF Magazine)
For Sci-Fi news with a flavour of old Quebec, try this portal from Montreal. Speaking French would be an advantage, but it's not essential as there are some great links on their pages

Dark Horizons
This is simply superb for all the latest information on Sci-Fi films, and other genre stuff. For the unofficial word on what's happening, go here
If you have a moment, head over to this spoof site for a chuckle over comical scripts for many of our space shows, including Star Trek, Doctor Who and Andromeda
Click here

Internet Movie Database
The database with everything you might need to know about films, and now tv shows as well.
Click here
For much more than mere programme information about this US channel, try this major site, including a really useful news service.
Click here

Star Wars vintage magazines website
Here is an interesting list of magazines which have featured the movie series over the years


The films of the moment…

The Latest Movies

Visiting (The) – In production
The story of a mysterious extraterrestrial epidemic that alters the behavior of Human beings.
On September 23rd a press conference was held to announce the start of production of the film, with stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Northam, director Oliver Hirschbiegel, screenwriter David Kajganich and producer Joel Silver.
Here are some Quicktime press conference soundbites and clips…
Nicole Kidman on which themes in the story she responded to, how the role came about for her, and thoughts on the emotional aspects of the story
Daniel Craig on his character, why he became interested in the role, and the way in which the film is relevant to present times
Jeremy Northam on the themes the film focuses on and the film's relation to Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Joel Silver on the general theme of the film, the genre, and how the casting came together Oliver Hirschbiegel on the general themes of the film
David Kajganich on what influenced his script, including politics and the book version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Movies worth noting, for one reason or another…

Still Around…

Avengers (The)
You still have the chance to don the leather catsuit and/or the city suit. Click

Fantastic Four
The official site to this latest Marvel series to hit the big screen

James Bond
MGM's official site for the British Agent.
See also
The International James Bond Fan Club
See also
Bond collectables

Lord of the Rings (The)
The official site for director Peter Jackson's trilogy that set new standards in film-making and gathered in a whole host of Oscars. Click here

The story of two engineers who stumble upon a remarkable invention which changes their lives in unimaginable ways.
See the trail…
Quick Time   &   &
30k.wmv   &  
100k.wmv   &   300k.wmv
30k.rm   &  
100k.rm   &   300k.rm

Star Wars
The six-film saga has mow come to an end, but don't expect its presence on the Web to lessen.
Here is the Offical Site

Superman Returns
A new version of the legend for 2006. Here is the official site
And here are links for the Teaser Trailer
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Medium   &   High
Quicktime Full Screen
Full screen
Real Player
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Windows Media Player
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iPod Video
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War of the Worlds (2005)
The official site for the movie starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg
and have a look at this site for the Complete War of the Worlds Web Site covering all aspects of the story


Current Series

Doctor Who
The all singing and dancing Offical BBC Site of this series which started way back in 1963

UnitNews is a fan site giving news, reviews, articles, competitions and forums.

Keep up to date with news from the Cybus Corporation for its global expansion strategy commencing in April 2006.
You have been warned… (or have you???)

The Dalek Song Here's a bit of fun

Online series starring Stargate's Amanda Tapping.
Click here to see the 5-minute sneak preview

Stargate Atlantis
The spin-off from SG-1. Here's the Offical Web Site

Stargate SG-1
The Official Web Site
They say it's 'The Web's most complete, most updated Stargate reference guide', and it is! Travel to GateWorld

The spin-off to Doctor Who is here

There are many series that have made their mark, in one way or another. Here are some sites worth noting…

Those We Have Seen

The series from an idea by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Here is the offical site

Babylon 5
J Michael Straczynski's ground-breaking television series with a story that spanned 5 years and tv movie specials.
Here is the official Warner Brothers site
and for a different slant on the series have a look at
the Lurkers Guide

Birds of Prey
A fan site worth looking at

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The Official UPN site

The offical site

NBC's site for the series is here plus
The petition for a second series is here Sign up if you want to see where the story goes next…

Behind the Scenes

(It's all very hush-hush at the moment!)