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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination 1998 - 2008
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Issue #364 • ships from Jun 27 2008
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $7.99

108 pages of
Sci-Fi Entertainment…

The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
• Actor Brendan Fraser dusts the sand off his boots and discusses the second sequel to the 1999 action Fantasy film

Doctor Who (2000s) Exclusive!
• Director Graeme Harper fills us in on the return of former companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the changing life of Donna (Catherine Tate)

Guillermo del ToroHellboy 2: The Golden Army On Set!
• We meet director Guillermo del Toro right in the middle of a night-shoot of this sequel near Budapest, and we weren't disappointed…

The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk
• Director Louis Leterrier tells us about his hopes for a hulking success with his rebooted version of the big green giant
• We ask tie-in game producer Charlotte Harris why the game is packing such a heavy punch

The X-Files: I Want to Believe
• Writer and producer Frank Spotnitz on the upcoming movie

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
• Stars Ben Barnes (Caspian) and William Moseley (Peter Pevensie) & producer Mark Johnson tell us about the second Narnia film

Stargate Atlantis
• Director Brenton Spencer provides a look into the fifth season

Star Trek XI
• We board the Starship Enterprise with new Mr Sulu, John Cho, who will beam onto the big-screen in 2009

Ninja Gaiden II
• Game designer Tomonobu Itagaki gives us the lowdown on his newest creation

Reviews: Films
  • Best to worst (marks out of 5)
  • WALL-E (5)
  • Death Note: The Last Name (4)
  • The Incredible Hulk (3)
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (3)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2)
  • The Happening (1)
  • Prom Night (1)

Reviews: TV
  • Best to worst (marks out of 5)
  • Doctor Who (2000s) Season 4
    D08 Silence in the Library (5)
    D06 The Doctor’s Daughter (4)
    D07 The Unicorn and the Wasp (4)

  • Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Season 4
    D07 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (5)
    D06 Faith (4)
    D05 The Road Less Travelled (3)

  • Smallville Season 7
    G16 Descent (4)
    G15 Veritas (3)
    G17 Sleeper (3)

  • Jericho Season 2
    B7 Patriot’s and Traitors (3)

  • Medium Season 4
    D15 Being Joey Carmichael (3)
    D16 Drowned World (3)

Reviews: Books
  • Best to worst (marks out of 5)
  • The Host by Stephenie Meyer (5)
  • Blood Ties by Pamela Freeman (4)
  • Firstborn by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter (4)
  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (4)
  • Flood by Stephen Baxter (3)
  • The Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn (3)

Reviews: DVDs
  • Best to worst
    (Main feature/extras - marks out of 5)
  • Sweeney Todd (5/4)
  • Cloverfield (4/4)
  • Doctor Who Season 4.1 (4/0)
  • The 6th Day (Blu-ray) (3/4)
  • Jumper (2/1)

Reviews: Tie-ins
  • Best to worst (marks out of 5)
  • Star Trek
    Torok Nor: Night of the Wolves (4)

  • Doctor Who
    Pest Control (3)
    The Many Hands (3)
    Starships and Spacestations (3)

  • V: The Second Generation (3)

  • Heroes
    Saving Charlie (1)

  • Star Wars: Legacy of the Force
    Invincible (0)

  • Best to worst (marks out of 5)
  • Soundtracks
    Lost: Season 3 (4)
    Iron Man (3)
    Speed Racer (3)

  • Multimedia
    Alone in the Dark (5)
    Lego Indiana Jones (5)
    Iron Man (3)
    Speed Racer (3)

  • Comics
    Giant Astonishing X-Men (4)
    Final Crisis
    #1 (3)
    Number of the Beast #4 (2)

  • Collectables
    Fate/ Hollow Atraxia: Rider Fantasy Modest Maid (5)
    Indiana Jones 3 3/4” figures (4)
    Star Wars: Commander Praji (4)

  • Sci-Fi Calendar
    All the latest release dates covering movies, TV, DVDs and books

  • Trailer Park
    We take a sideways look at the trailer for Igor

  • Opinion
    Starburst’s monthly columnist Nicholas Briggs gives us his thoughts on the world of Sci-Fi

  • In Numbers
    Get figure happy with Starburst’s monthly numbers-related column!
    This issue: The Chronicles of Narnia

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: BBC, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures

All other contents © Visual Imagination 2008. Not for reproduction

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