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Feature: Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz action

How do you follow a successful low budget splatter comedy about zombies? With an action movie set in the West Country, of course! The Works talks Hot Fuzz with comedy icon Simon Pegg


A generation of Hollywood A-listers kids may yet be beguiled by Pegg’s next outing with fellow Shaun of the Dead collaborators, director Edgar Wright and co-star Nick Frost. Hot Fuzz, a tale of vice, crime and intrigue in the heart of the West Country, is – importantly – something quite different from the film that made their name in Hollywood.

“I think we almost shot ourselves in the foot by coming up with the title ‘From Dusk Till Shaun’,” the 36-year-old sighs. “It was almost like that had to be made just because the title was so good. But we were always resolutely against that idea because if you do a sequel after your first film you become known for a franchise rather than being a film-maker.

“I think Edgar had been kicking this idea around for a while, the idea of setting an action film in a country that doesn’t have action films was appealing. The only thing you could possibly say is Bond, but Bond is never really set here except in the beginnings of the films.

“There was a period of time when I was saying to him, ‘I don’t get it, you just want to remake the film that you made when you were 12’. Then we started to go out and hang out with the cops, and start researching and hearing stories from them. That’s when I really thought this was really going to be great, and I found my place in it and we wrote it.”

This effort to base it in reality could be the key to the success of Hot Fuzz, for all the comedy is drawn out of larger-than-life characters and the incongruity of high crime in sleepy Gloucestershire – and let’s see the world try to pronounce that one. Just as Shaun of the Dead was rooted in the universal truths of a specific genre, Pegg and his cohorts were determined that their Fuzz should be as Hot on detail as was possible

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by Anwar Brett

Reda the full interview and feature in
The Works #A13

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The Works #A13
March 2007
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