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VI Direct Catalogue : Cult Times : Cult Times Specials 20 - 29

Cult Times Special #29, Defence of the Realm 2004 Cult Times Special #29, Defence of the Realm 2004
(Reference #CS29)

Meet the heroes charged with protecting Earth from those who would do us harm!
Including profiles of...

Alias's Sydney Bristow
Angel's Wesley Wyndam-Price
The Avengers' John Steed
Jake 2.0's Jake Foley
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s Napoleon Solo
Sapphire & Steel
Spooks' Tom Quinn
Star Trek: Enterprise's Captain Archer
24's Jack Bauer

Plus these features…
24 Stars Kiefer Sutherland and Reiko Aylesworth, plus executive producers Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, discuss the third season
Stargate SG-1 Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge offer their thoughts on the key issues of the day: Season Eight, the imminent arrival of Atlantis, and Janet Jackson's breasts.
Spooks Creator/writer/executive producer David Wolstencroft explains how the hit spy drama made it to the screen at just the right time
Jake 2.0 Jake's support system at the NSA, Louise Beckett and Dr Diane Hughes, aka Judith Scott and Keegan Connor Tracy, discuss their work on the sadly short-lived bionic man show.
The West Wing We managed to get hold of the televisual incumbent of the Oval Office, Martin Sheen – yes, Martin Sheen!
Mutant X Forbes March discusses how the role of Jesse Kilmartin has changed in the third season of the hit show.
Joan of Arcadia We take our first look at this superb drama series about a girl who receives instructions from God and talk to show star Mary Steenburgen and creator Barbara Hall.
Game Over Executive producers and star Patrick Warburton reveal more about the first CG-animated adult sitcom, featuring the Smashenburn family and their day-to-day lives outside the video games in which they work.

And these features…
Alias We bring you a testimonial from one person who's recently been converted to this series, and is determined to spread the word!
Doctor Who We've looked at all the fictional organizations defending our world, but it's important not to forget that for decades now, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT have been protecting UK shores.
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace When the gates of Hell are opened beneath Darkplace Hospital, only one man can save Romford from the evils that are unleashed: meet Dr Rick Dagless MD and his team in this spoof genre show allegedly made in the Eighties.
Cult Cartoons We check out the new wave of animations filling our screens and draw your attention to several that are aimed more at adults than kids: Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls and Justice League, to name but a few.

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Price:  £4.99

Cult Times Special #28, Yearbook Cult Times Special #28, Yearbook
(Reference #CS28)

Looking back on 2003, and forward to 2004!
Including previews of...

• Alias
• Andromeda
• Angel
• Carnivàle
• Charmed
• Enterprise
• Jake 2.0
• Jeremiah
• Joan of Arcadia
• Mutant X
• Smallville
• Tru Calling
• 24
and Tarzan

Plus these features…
Times Past Review of the Year We look back on the year Buffy ended, Doctor Who's return was announced, Alias managed to simplify itself, and Strange became the BBC's forlorn hope for a long-running Fantasy show.
Angel Writer/producer/director Jeffrey Bell is helping ring the changes for the new season as Angel and company take over evil law firm Wolfram & Hart and learn that doing good isn't as easy as they might have hoped…
Charmed And speaking of battles between Good and Evil, the latest addition to Charmed's cast, Drew Fuller, is cagey about his character's ultimate agenda. Is Whitelighter from the future Chris out to get the Charmed Ones, or is he here to protect them?
Smallville John Schneider knows who's the daddy: it's him! The former Dukes of Hazzard star, now playing Jonathan Kent, tells us how he's getting wayward adopted son Clark back in line in the third season of Smallville.
Mutant X With two characters gone, someone needs to fill the gap. Step forth Karen Cliche as Lexa Pierce, a mysterious mutant with light-based powers.
Carnivàle Writer/showrunner Ronald D Moore tells us about this strange series.
Jake 2.0 His last show, Odyssey 5, may have bitten the dust, but Christopher Gorham is back on our screens again, starring as Jake Foley, an NSA tech involved in a lab accident that amps up his natural abilities. The star tells us what it's like being the ultimate Human upgrade…
Tarzan The WB's short-lived update of the classic tale. We spoke to Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays cop Jane Porter, about life and love in the urban jungle.
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Price:  £4.99

Cult Times Special #27, Buffy 2003 Cult Times Special #27, Buffy 2003
(Reference #CS27)

Only a short while ago, one of the leaders in the field of Cult Television, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ended. We present a Special that looks at the reasons for its success and the characters that we came to know and love, along with a look ahead to what's next for spin-off series Angel.

With these Buffy features…

Profiles: We look at seven varied characters over the course of Buffy's seven-year run and see how they evolved. What turned Willow from quiet nerd to powerful wiccan? How did Spike redeem himself? Why is Wesley deserving of admiration? And what were the factors that turned Faith's life around?
Joss Whedon: The show's creator looks back with fondness on his work so far, and looks forward to a movie based on his much-missed Firefly, the possibility of Buffy on the big screen, and the changes taking place for Angel's fifth season.
Top Nine Heroes: Who were the true heroes of Buffy, and why? We put forward a selection of unlikely candidates, from shoe queen Cordelia to Principal Snyder, and explain how they fought for their beliefs, however simplistic, and won through!
Relationship Chart: Forgotten who did what to whom? Then follow our relationship chart and see who killed Jenny Calendar, who had naughty rude sex with Spike, and the unlikely link between Riley and Oz. All your questions answered!
Jeph Loeb: Superman and Batman comics writer and Smallville producer Jeph Loeb looks at what might have been in the shape of 'Buffy: The Animated Series'. Discover what might have happened, who would have featured, and why it sadly never happened.
Episode Guide: A complete guide with season overviews to all seven years of Buffy.

Plus a whole host of interviews, including…
Angel: After many appearances, Andy Hallett's soulful green demon Lorne became a regular last season, and he's set his sights on bigger things this year as he gets his own department to run at Wolfram & Hart!
Battlestar Galactica: The cast and crew explain why they believe their new mini-series of Battlestar is better than anything else around, and reveal the changes since the ship last soared across TV screens, including the Cylons!
Tremors: Executive producer David Israel on making the TV spin-off from the film series, with Graboids, Shriekers and Assblasters all lining up to fight Burt Gummer for a stake in the small valley town of Perfection, Nevada.
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Cult Times Special #26, The Immortals 2003 Cult Times Special #26, The Immortals 2003
(Reference #CS26)

We study The Immortals, the ideas that keep coming back for more, the show, the concepts and the characters that just won't die.
With these features:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: How has Joss Whedon succeeded in giving new life to the undead? We look at the role of Buffy and its spin-off, Angel, in reconfiguring ancient ideas into a newer, hipper form.
Star Trek: The show that's outlived all others, now into its fourth live-action spin-off. But what elements have kept it strong over the years, and is it remaining true to its past or refusing to move with the times?
Gene Roddenberry: The creator of Star Trek continues to have the Midas touch when it comes to TV shows. Yet Andromeda and Earth: Final Conflict may not have turned out as he'd originally envisaged, and their roots may have been in an all-too-familiar series.
Doctor Who: While its 26-year run remains unsurpassed, no new episodes have appeared for seven years. We attempt to pin down the reasons why, even now, countless people refuse to let it go, and its continuing legacy in book or audio form.
Superman: Sometimes a concept can be just one character. Over the years, in comics, on film and on TV, Superman has evolved into various different versions. We chart his progress from glorified cop to romantic lead.
Highlander: The best show to lay claim to the word 'Immortal'? This series managed to drag itself past a series of poorly-received movies and into a long-running Fantasy show. Is there still room for the Immortal Scotsman?

Plus a whole host of interviews, including…
Stargate SG-1: Star Richard Dean Anderson slips on his producers hat and joins fellow execs Robert C Cooper, Michael Greenburg and Brad Wright in discussing the next phase of the Stargate project.
Alias: Creator and executive producer JJ Abrams looks back over the two seasons so far and discusses the many changes that have taken place over the second year.
Farscape: Ben Browder looks back on the last days of the series and that ending, relates the joys of having his wife on set, and explains why his grandmother thought he was a whore.
The Simpsons: Executive producer Al Jean recently popped over to the UK in celebration of the show's 300th episode, and we were there to discuss the incredible success story of the world's longest-running cartoon.
The Goodies: Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden look at the influence of the Seventies, and run through their extensive career credits so far.
Futurama: An episode guide to the entire series!
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Cult Times Special #25, Superheroes 2003 Cult Times Special #25, Superheroes 2003
(Reference #CS25)
From strip to screen, we examine the phenomenon of the superhero, looking at where they came from and the main comics publishing houses of DC and Marvel, rating their TV success, and examining the shows that have latched onto the trend for heroics
With these features:
The DC Factory/The Marvel Factory: An in-depth look at the two main comics publishing houses.
Smallville: Two generations of Supermen drop by, as we join a meeting between Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling.
Batman: Stars Adam West and Burt Ward still have fond memories of the Sixties series during filming of their quirky reunion movie, Back to the Batcave.
Wonder Woman: The two stars, Lynda Carter and Lyle 'Steve Trevor' Waggoner reminisce about their time on the show.
Justice League: Bruce Timm, the executive producer/creator of the hit cartoon show, interviewed.
The Incredible Hulk: We go back to the Seventies and chat to actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno about bringing the angry legend to life on the small screen.
Mutant X: Executive producer Peter Mohan explains the changes he's been making for Season Two.
Witchblade: We spoke to Eric Etebari, who played Ian Nottingham.
The Tick: Nestor Carbonell, aka love god and inept hero Batmanuel, looks back on the short-lived comedy.
Manimal: Simon MacCorkindale talks about his career, and his work producing hit shows such as Relic Hunter, Queen of Swords and Adventure Inc.
Automan: We track down Chuck Wagner, Automan himself, to ask him a few searching questions about the well-remembered show. Plus, a guide to the complete series.
Kenneth Johnson: The man responsible for creating Alien Nation and V and producing many other shows, including The Incredible Hulk, talks about his life in the industry.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Trio survivor Andrew Wells, aka actor Tom Lenk, talks about his role in the new season.
Taken: Three of the supporting cast from the epic mini-series, Alonso Oyarzun, Enid-Raye Adams and Andrew Jackson, bring their stories about the show's, along with their own exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures!
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Cult Times Special #24, 2002 Yearbook Cult Times Special #24, 2002 Yearbook
(Reference #CS24)
Looking back on 2002, and forward to 2003!
Including previews of:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
and all the new shows!

Plus these features…
Review of the Year
: We remind you of some of the best TV series this year and wonder what the future will bring…
The X-Files: We look back over nine years of scares, conspiracies, freakish monsters, offbeat comedy and try to pinpoint why the show was such a massive success.
Angel: Writer and show-runner Tim Minear drops by to explain that despite all the behind the scenes reshuffling, the new season of the LA Vampire's adventures is better than ever!
Charmed: The actor who plays Leo the witches' guardian angel, Brian Krause, talks about his role in Season Five.
Smallville: Jeph Loeb and fellow writer/producer Alfred Gough talk about the Superman-to-be's latest growth spurt.
Stargate SG-1: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie explain how their ideas make it from script to screen and hw they manage to keep up with the pace.
She Spies: Star Natashia Williams introduces Shane, Cassie and DD: the She Spies
John Doe: Executive producer and co-creator Brandon Camp gives us the chance to meet John Doe: a mysterious man who knows every fact in the world… as long as it's not about himself.
Birds of Prey: We get hold of top bird Dina Meyer, aka Barbara Gordon, aka computer genius Oracle, for a chat about her role in and out of a batsuit.
Firefly: Show creator/writer/producer/director Joss Whedon explains what he wants to achieve with his brand new show.
The Twilight Zone: Forest Whitaker takes on the mantle of host for more stories of the unusual and executive producer Pen Densham reveals his masterplan for reviving one of the best-loved genre shows of all time.
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Cult Times Special #23, School Days 2002 Cult Times Special #23, School Days 2002
(Reference #CS23)
Apparently they're the best days of your life. Cult Times collects together 16 of the best and brightest TV places of learning and rates them. Including:
• Sunnydale, Smallville and Roswell High
• Springfield and South Park Elementary
• Wonder Woman's Paradise Island
• and many more!

Plus these features…
Star Tom Welling talks about his first year of playing the young Clark Kent.
Stargate SG-1
Christopher Judge (Teal'c) gets misty-eyed as he considers the show's final year.
With the series over, we tracked down executive producer Jason Katims.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
A look back at Buffy's school days and consider what might be in store for her sister Dawn. Plus, a selection of chart hits as some of the acts who've played at Buffy nightspot The Bronze join a battle of the bands!
A tricky interview with D'Argo's alter ego Anthony Simcoe, as we prise out information on Season Four.
Laura Bertram talks us through the changes in the character of Trance Gemini and looks ahead to the third season.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Executive producer Paula Hart (who is also mother to star Melissa Joan Hart) provides the lowdown on the upcoming seventh season.
Mutant X
Lauren Lee Smith, aka Emma deLauro, talks about her first year of work on the genetic mutant action-drama.
Wolf Lake
Executive producer Alex Gansa and star Lou Diamond Phillips talk about the short-lived but critically-acclaimed drama show.
Cleopatra 2525
Cleopatra herself, Jennifer Sky, is as enthusiastic about it as ever about the series!
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Cult Times Special #22, Love It/Hate It 2002 Cult Times Special #22, Love It/Hate It 2002
(Reference #CS22)
Love it – or Hate It? In this Special our contributors try to determine if the following series are worthy of our praise or our scorn: Doctor Who and LEXX; Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda; Star Trek: Voyager and The Prisoner; Mutant X, South Park and Urban Gothic. Also features interviews with Clark's Smallville parents, aka John Schneider and Annette O'Toole; Enterprise's John Billingsley, better known as Doctor Phlox; Charmed's Dorian Gregory, the Halliwells' helpful Det. Darryl Morris; Earth: Final Conflict's final season villain, Alan Van Sprang (Howlyn); Angel's third season villain, Keith Szarabajka (Holtz). Plus: Jumping the Shark! Which of your fave shows have lost it? We ask when (if ever) Babylon 5, Buffy, The Simpsons and The X-Files went into decline. Charlie's Angels – the series reconsidered. Latecomers to the cast of Star Trek, Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5, The X-Files and Roswell: do they pass muster or fail?. First Wave season guide in our Out of the Box style.
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Cult Times Special #21, Spring - Farscape 2002 Cult Times Special #21, Spring - Farscape 2002
(Reference #CS21)
An in-depth look at the work of Science Fiction genius known as Farscape, featuring interviews with the cast and creators. Including David Kemper, Ben Browder, Gigi Edgley, Wayne Pygram (and his second-in-command aka David Franklin), Lani Tupu, Tammy Macintosh and Rockne S O'Bannon. Plus a complete episode guide to the first three seasons of Farscape, and a fold-out poster of Crichton and Aeryn… all told, it's around 45 pages of Farscape content! Plus more new interviews with… Angel's Lilah Morgan, aka Stephanie Romanov; Smallville's Pete Ross, aka Sam Jones III; Mutant X's Jesse Kilmartin, aka Forbes March; The Invisible Man himself, aka Vincent Ventresca, who reflects on the show's cancellation; Andromeda's Beka Valentine, aka Lisa Ryder; and Lance Henriksen, the star of countless Sci-Fi projects on his career to date.
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Cult Times Special #20, Winter - Christmas 2001 Cult Times Special #20, Winter - Christmas 2001
(Reference #CS20)
Looking back at 2001 and previewing 2002's new shows and stars! Smallville's star Tom Welling runs in to talk about his version of Superman. Farscape – Anthony Simcoe slips out of his D'Argo mask to discuss Season 3. Charmed – Julian McMahon on the changes in store for Cole. File Under...looks at the season openers from Buffy (Bargaining), Angel (Heartthrob), Charmed (Charmed Again) and Enterprise (Broken Bow). Our regular TV critic reflects on 2001's highlights in Times Past. Plus Roswell' s newcomer Adam Rodriguez on joining the line-up and snogging Katherine Heigl, Dark Angel's new regulars Jensen 'Alec' Ackles and Kevin 'Joshua' Durand, Mutant X's Victoria Pratt (ex-Cleopatra 2525) on her latest genre entry, Earth: Final Conflict producer Stephen Roloff provides a 5th season tour, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers's captain Dylan Neal, and full UK listings for Christmas 2001.
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Price:  £4.99
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