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VI Direct Catalogue : Film Review : Film Review Specials 50 - 59

Film Review Special #59, 55 Years Celebration 2005 Film Review Special #59, 55 Years Celebration 2005
(Reference #FS59)

132 pages

Film Review is 55!!

A Brief History of Film Review A look back at the long and illustrious history of the magazine

The Top 55…
… Films Every year produces at least one standout film, and we’ve tracked down the most striking pictures of the last fifty five years, from 1950’s Sunset Boulevard through to the likes of 1971’s A Clockwork Orange and 2002’s The Pianist
… Stars The acclaimed British actor discusses his disillusion with Hollywood and fame and his crucial role as Lieutenant James Gordon
… Directors We pay homage to the best international directors of all time, including legends Fritz Lang, Akira Kurosawa, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg

The 5 Most Influential Films…
Star Wars We examine just what it is about this seminal Sci-Fi flick that changed the movie industry
Psycho With the reflections of his actress daughter, we to try to unravel the success of this darkly comic shocker.
Rebel Without a Cause The explosively influential film
Reservoir Dogs Tarantino explores the creative process that led to him making this low-budget classic, while Harvey Keitel reveals what drew him to the script
Jurassic Park We go under the skin of this spectacular Spielberg adventure

Billy Bob Thornton The renowned actor and director reveals why he chose to make Bad News Bears
Sean Bean The barnstorming Brit reflects on his increasingly successful career

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on six of the latest Trailers, from Peter Jackson’s long-awaited King Kong, to Terry Gilliam’s The Brother’s Grimm, Disney’s Chicken Little, the colourful Keira Knightley outing Domino, Jodie Foster’s latest, Flightplan, and the swashbuckling adventure The Legend of Zorro

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Price:  £5.99

Film Review Special #58, Batman 2005 Film Review Special #58, Batman 2005
(Reference #FS58)

132 pages charting the triumphs of the UK film scene and much, much more…
The essential guide to the return of the Dark Knight, as Batman Begins once again in the most highly anticipated superhero movie of the year
Plus… We explore some of the summer’s biggest movies

Batman Begins We unravel the plot of this remake-come-prequel accompanied by a stunning six-page pictorial
Christopher Nolan The British director (Memento and Insomnia) explains why he decided to take on one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created
Gary Oldman The acclaimed British actor discusses his disillusion with Hollywood and fame and his crucial role as Lieutenant James Gordon
Chris Corbould The veteran special effects coordinator talks us through the all-terrain high-powered Batmobile
Tim Burton The director of 1989’s Batman and its sequel Batman Returns looks back on the project that made him a household name
Joel Schumacher Accused of killing off Warner’s popular Batman franchise, the director reveals that he realized the films served only to publicise the massive marketing machine
Under the Hood Those who have donned the black rubber in the past look back at their time under the cowl and cape, including: Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney
Serial Superhero An in-depth look at the original 1943 and 1949 serials
The Top 5 Comic Book Movies We pick our winner of the slew of comic book movies, including Superman: The Movie, Tim Burton’s Batman and Bryan Singer’s X-Men

And that’s not all…
War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg reveals why he decided to get together with his pal Tom Cruise to make the biggest blockbuster the World has ever known.
We reveal the bumpy road that the feature adaptation has travelled down to get to the big screen
Fantastic Four Director Tim Story introduces us the Marvel comic’s first family of the superhero world while actors Ioan Gruffud, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Jessica Alba provide their insight into their roles
Dark Water The latest Japanese Horror film to get the Hollywood treatment causes us to examine why the US have had to travel to the other side of the World to scare their audiences

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on six of the latest Trailers, from the long-awaited The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Land of the Dead, Corpse Bride, Serenity and The Island

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Film Review Special #57, Orlando Bloom 2005 Film Review Special #57, Orlando Bloom 2005
(Reference #FS57)

148 pages charting the triumphs of the UK film scene and much, much more…

We catch up with the leading light of the British acting world, Orlando Bloom, and examine his irrepressible rise to prominence, including his starring role in Ridley Scott’s fantastic Kingdom of Heaven

Plus, we take a look at the wealth of other British stars making waves in Hollywood, from Keira Knightley taking on alcoholism and nudity in The Jacket to Clive Owen rising to the challenges of the innovative Sin City. We also chart the influence of British talent on the last four decades of film-making and look at the best ensemble films ever made with UK skills

Orlando Bloom Ridley Scott gives us his own take on Orlando’s success
Keira Knightley The fresh-faced young star tells us how she came to be playing a hollow-cheeked alcoholic in her mysterious new film The Jacket
Clive Owen Having finally been discovered by Hollywood the classy character-actor tells us why he was intimidated at first, then blown away, by the stylistic glory of the graphic novel conversion Sin City
Brit Pack We look at seven other big British stars causing a stir in Hollywood, including the debonair Daniel Craig, poised Paul Bettany, playful Simon Pegg, rising Romola Garai and precocious Freddie Highmore
Brit Pack Generations We champion the influential British directors and actors that took the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s by storm, and look at how they helped set the tone, and push the boundaries, in each decade
Top 10 Brit Pack Movies From Lock, Stock to The Ladykillers, from Peter’s Friends to Life is Sweet, we chart the Tio 10 UK ensemble movies and assess why the local talent worked so well together on each occasion

And that’s not all…

We take a look at some of the big upcoming films and talk to promising new film-makers and enduring screen experts alike…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The enthusiastic crew, including director Garth Jennings, tell us why they think they’ve managed to stay true to the vision of Douglas Adams, and improve on it too, with their interpretation of his script
The Island Director Michael Bay lets us peer around his upcoming film, and explains how he added some ‘oomph’ to the roles of Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson as sex-segregated clones
xXx2 Ice Cube gives us the low-down on his new starring role in the high-octane gun-fest xXx2, and explains why he hopes to add serious drama to his resume and won’t be starring in any xXx sequels
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines The British crew of this classic ’60s caper reveal their joy at making it the success it became

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on six of the latest Trailers, from the colourful but claustrophobic A Scanner Darkly to the explosive action comedy Kung Fu Hustle to the animated antics of DreamWorks’ Madagascar, with The Weather Man, Kingdom of Heaven and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Film Review Special #56, Star Wars 2005 Film Review Special #56, Star Wars 2005
(Reference #FS56)

148 Pages, and not so very far, far away…

As the release of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith draws near, we enter uncharted Space with a fresh and comprehensive look at the Star Wars universe.

From a preview of Episode III, to the exclusive confessions of an Hollywood insider who gate-crashed the Return of the Jedi set, to a breakdown of all Lucas’s original dreams and plans for the series, we’ve gathered together a wealth of information. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know, and a whole lot more, in our exhaustive extraterrestrial extravaganza.

Episode I George Lucas explains his continuing passion for the Sci-Fi series, and reveals why he was happy to risk failure with surprising decisions
Episode II We look at the pros and cons of making Attack of the Clones the first digital film.
Episode III We reveal a tantalizing scene involving the ‘birth’ of Darth Vader, explore why Revenge of the Sith will be at least as dark as this movie.
Episode IV Star Wars was such a risky venture that Lucas excised large amounts of material, and kept other elements aside, so that he could serialise the rest of the story in cheaper forms if the film failed. We look at what was removed and how it was used later on.
Episode V The Empire Strikes Back is held up as one of the greatest sequels of all time. We get to the bottom of what makes it such an exceptional film.
Episode VI Screenwriter Peter Briggs reveals how he snuck onto the set of Return of the Jedi as a young fan and discovered the semi-constructed Death Star, among other gems. He gives us an exclusive look at the photos he took
The Lost Episode If you haven’t heard of the horrible TV special that Lucas disowned then let us enlighten you
Fanatic With the advent of cheap new computer technology Star Wars fans are now able to create their own extensions to their favourite Sci-Fi world. We look at how the phenomenon got started, hear why some of the original actors got involved and reveal some of the most imaginative offerings.
The Curse of Star Wars From Mark Hamill onwards the series has put an end to many a career. We look at what happened to all these unfortunate actors

And that’s not all you get in this latest Special. We take a look at some of the big upcoming films and talk to promising new film-makers and enduring screen experts alike…
Constantine Music-video director Francis Lawrence explains why he decided to tackle this comic-book conversion. He talks us through his approach to storytelling, the thinking behind his visual presentation of the otherworldly elements and the experience of working with stars Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz.
Robots Director Chris Wedge tells us why the company he co-founded, Blue Sky, has been able to compete with the likes of Pixar
Thelma Schoonmaker The Oscar-winning editor reminds us why the work of her late husband, director Michael Powell (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The Red Shoes), should not be forgotten

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on six of the latest Trailers, from the dark and brooding Sin City to the explosive action comedy Mr and Mrs Smith to the mystery thriller The Jacket, with Robots, Fantastic Four and Batman Begins

There’s only one magazine that offers you the entire Star Wars universe, the thoughts of influential film-makers and two months’ of film reviews all in one place. And it’s not so very far, far away. Pick up a copy of the Special today.

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Film Review Special #55, Yearbook 2005 Film Review Special #55, Yearbook 2005
(Reference #FS55)

In Film Review’s LARGEST-EVER 228-page Yearbook…
…we take a comprehensive look back at 2004, a year which saw CGI animated adventures reaching new heights, comic-book capers continuing to take flight and documentaries picking fights with corporations and governments alike.

With all 2004’s release being covered in detail and indexed in full, the Yearbook adds up to 13 issues’ worth of reviews, making it a must for all film fans.

From blockbusters like I, Robot and The Incredibles, to the sequel-mania of Kill Bill Vol 2 and Harry Potter 3, to award-winning efforts like 21 Grams and international affairs like Hero and The Motorcycle Diaries, it’s been a good year for big screen extravaganzas. All of them get a thorough review, as do all the lesser-known films that might not have made it to your local cinema screen.

But that’s not all you get! Our reviewers look back on the year and pick out the highlights and the low points.

Plus, we look forward to 2005 with our preview of Batman Begins, featuring interviews with stars...
• Christian Bale
• Michael Caine
• Katie Holmes
• Cillian Murphy
• Director David Goyer
• Special effects guru Sandy Collora

And just in case all that wasn’t enough, we’ve interviewed seven stars who had a big impact on 2004
• Jude Law
• Charlize Theron
• Clive Owen
• Naomi Watts
• Scarlett Johanssen
• Lindsay Lohan
• Paul Bettany
All this, with over 350 movies reviewed, in the unique Film Review Yearbook 2005!

Don’t miss out!

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Film Review Special #54, Sex 2004 Film Review Special #54, Sex 2004
(Reference #FS54)

148 Pages…

We uncover the saucy, the seductive and the downright sexy aspects of Hollywood’s greatest films. From the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Paul Newman to latter-day kings and queens of sizzling sex on screen such as George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, we reveal who lights audience’s fires the most in our definitive Top 100 Sexiest Movie Stars feature.

We unwrap the history behind sex in cinema and discover just who took their on-screen love scenes just that little bit too far.

Features on some of film’s most iconic players such as Marilyn Monroe and Paul Newman and interviews with some of the exclusive Top 100’s members:

Orlando Bloom Why he can’t wait to film Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven and why he never reads gossip
Johnny Depp The Finding Neverland star reveals how fatherhood has changed him and helped him to portray JM Barrie
Angelina Jolie The sultry actress on becoming a fish in DreamWorks’s upcoming CGI adventure Shark Tale
Colin Farrell The outspoken star discusses his rise to fame and why he wanted to downsize from Alexander to A Home at the End of the World
Milla Jovovich The intoxicating star of Resident Evil: Apocalypse divulges the secrets that make the Horror sequel bigger and sexier than ever
Will Smith Why its taken so long for him to get touchy-feely in a romantic comedy as he prepares for his role in Hitch
Paul Newman The life and career of Hollywood’s most enduringly sexy stars from his emergence in Somebody Up There Likes Me to Cars
Marilyn Monroe Why gentlemen prefer blondes and why Norma Jean Baker became one of the most iconic sex symbols in cinematic history
Hedy Lamarr Hollywood’s first ever sex symbol. From her full-frontal nude début in 1932’s Extase to her somewhat stilted mainstream career
The History of Sex in the Cinema How censorship has shaped the course of sex on screen since the first nude appearance to modern-day commercial films
Did They or Didn’t They? Did Jack Nicholson go all the way in The Postman Always Rings Twice? Was the love scene in Don’t Look Now as real as it looked?
Retrospective Feature: Showboat We set sail on MGM’s sexiest river-bound adventure and talk to stars Katherine Grayson and Marge Champion and director George Sidney

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on the latest Trailers, from the controversial marionette throw-back movie Team America to Robin Williams’s The Final Cut and Jude Law’s romantic comedy remake Alfie

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Film Review Special #53, Alien vs Predator 2004 Film Review Special #53, Alien vs Predator 2004
(Reference #FS53)

148 Pages…

We bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the battle of Alien vs Predator, with…

• Behind-the-scenes gossip from director Paul WS Anderson and star Lance Henriksen
• Movie Preview
• The effects maestros Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr who created the incredible effects for the film
• Dark Horse comic series writer Randy Stradley talks exclusively about the inception of the Alien vs Predator idea
AvP Retro The films which lead up to the two franchises converging, including trivia and background information.
Call Sheet: Alien Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver reveal how the low-budget B-movie became a Sci-Fi classic.
There’s only one place to find everything there is to know about this blockbuster Sci-Fi punch-up and that’s here!

The Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes We uncover the sexiest ladies in Science Fiction
Retrospective: The Quatermass Xperiment One of the most influential Sci-Fi movies of the ’50s.
The Chronicles of Riddick Interviews with director David Twohy and Riddick’s nemesis Lord Marshall, played by actor Colm Feore.
The Village The cast of M Night Shyamalan’s latest twisting thriller interviewed.
The Bourne Supremacy Matt Damon explains why he risked everything to perform many of his own stunts in the latest episode of the kinetic thriller franchise.
Catwoman The director and producer of the feline superhero movie disclose Nicole Kidman’s early involvement and why Halle Berry has the perfect body to play a cat.

The Film Review Directory Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!
Trailer Park Our take on the latest Trailers, from the effects-filled Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to the upcoming CGI comedy Shark Tale and British romantic comedy Wimbledon.

You can’t afford to miss this incredible edition! This is one Special you won’t be able to put down (until your arms get tired).

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Film Review Special #52, Spider-Man 2004 Film Review Special #52, Spider-Man 2004
(Reference #FS52)

In our huge issue…

Spider-Man 2
• Discover how Kirsten Dunst almost ended up acting with her boyfriend in spandex
• Marvel at how Tobey Maguire’s girlfriend retrieved his lucrative role
• Laugh at Alfred Molina’s revelation that he was hired because he was the largest contender.
You won’t find a more concise resource for Spider-Man 2 anywhere else… even on the web!

Tobey Maguire The man behind the mask talks for the first time about the back injury and consequent sacking which nearly scuppered his chance to replay the amazing Spider-Man.
Alfred Molina The seasoned thespian discusses his indoctrination into the Spider-Man bad-guy hall of fame as Doctor Octopus
Spider-Man Revisited We return to Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie and discover how the movie came together and become a blockbuster

The Ultimate 2004 Blockbuster Preview We take a look at the best that the year has to offer, exploring the likes of Thunderbirds, I, Robot, Catwoman, Hellboy and The Incredibles.
The Top 20 Blockbusters of All Time From Jurassic Park to Star Wars, we chart the incredible Top 20 World-wide box office giants, from movies which have made $614 million to one that’s scored the inconceivable $1,835 billion. Find out here!
Jaws Staying with the blockbuster theme, we find out how Stephen Spielberg’s film became the world’s first ever blockbuster!
The Top 5 Supervillains We unveil the best and the worst superpowered evil geniuses that the movie industry has blessed us with.
Trailer Park In our humorous slant on the latest movie trailers we take a look at Alexander, The Bourne Supremacy, The Manchurian Candidate (2204), Collateral, Aliens vs Predator and I, Robot

The Film Review Directory
Two months' worth of films reviewed, all in one place!

If you like swinging and love all-action movies, there’s no other publication you should buy than this.
Well perhaps there is, but we don’t publish that sort of thing!

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Film Review Special #51, Epics 2004 Film Review Special #51, Epics 2004
(Reference #FS51)
Very Short Supply

In our epic issue, we present…
The Top 20 Epics of All Time!

Could The Greatest Story Ever Told be missing something? Will Ben Hur win the race? Do we show The Godfather enough respect? There’s only one place to find out and that’s right here!

The epic Troy
Welcome to a time when men were men and the horses were made out of wood. Slip on your sandals and grab your sword as we take a trip to visit a brand new epic. Remember: Greece is the word
Orlando Bloom From the set of Troy, the young actor regales us with tales of great deeds and his debt of respect to Peter Jackson…
• Plus, the shy retiring actor, Colin Farrell unwraps his toga and reveals all about the movie (one of the few films he has made this week)…
• Star of Troy, Brad Pitt talks of his friends and foes and how the sand gets between his toes.
• The Making of Troy. Find out just how much effort goes into the making of a masterpiece!

Sticking with our Epic theme, we uncover the real stories behind the making of the ultimate combat movie.
With, Oliver Stone’s Alexander the Great revealed! And a look back at the 1956 original

The epic that is the Film Review Directory
Who lived and died by the sword of our reviews? We bring you every release of the last two months!

All this, in our epic Film Review Special #51!
Don’t Miss out!

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Price:  £12.00

Film Review Special #50, Girl Power 2004 Film Review Special #50, Girl Power 2004
(Reference #FS50)

In our fantastic new-look Film Review Girl Power Special

We celebrate the wonder women of Hollywood, those great girls who have really made an impression on the big screen over the last few months! From action babes to comic book heroines, from deadly assassins to femme fatales, we’ve got them all covered.
Join us, as we count down the top 20 up-’n’-coming power girls! We take a look at the cream of the crop of new female stars who are set to be huge! Included in our extensive list are
• Keira Knightley
• Scarlett Johansson
• Kate Beckinsale
• Eliza Dushku
• Naomi Watts
• Charlize Theron
• plus many more!

We have great interviews with two of cinema’s biggest female stars…
Halle Berry talks about her performances in Gothika, Catwoman and winning the Best Actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball.
Julia Roberts her new women-empowering film Mona Lisa Smile and her amazing back catalogue and discusses the issue of fame, femininity and fortune.

Plus... As if all that wasn’t enough.
We also celebrate the imminent release of the eagerly awaited Kill Bill: Volume 2 with some fantastic interviews, including…
Uma Thurman on her incredible experiences working on Quentin Tarantino’s fabulous revenge movie
Lucy Liu on her performance as deadly assassin O-Ren Ishii, and what it was like to play such a strong, and deadly, female role.
Daryl Hannah on re-inventing herself as a femme fatale with her role as Elle Driver
Julie Dreyfus on how she coped playing such a deadly diva
Vivica A Fox on how she coped with having her young daughter on the Kill Bill set
Lawrence Bender The Kill Bill producer on how he created such mayhem!

Plus EVEN MORE!... Oscars 2004
Complete coverage of the 76th Academy Awards from the red carpet to the winners! Film Review gives you a front row seat at the Kodak Theatre as we reveal the ins and outs of Hollywood’s most prestigious ceremony. Including interviews with…
Billy Crystal why he’s proud to return as the awards presenter for the eighth time
We talked to some of the hopeful female nominees before the big night, including…
Samantha Morton The British actress tells us how she feels about her Best Actress nomination for In America
Charlize Theron On her Best Actress nomination for Monster (which, of course, she won!)
Keisha Castle-Hughes The young star of Whale Rider tells us of her shock Best Actress nomination
Naomi Watts On her role in 21 Grams which earned her a Best Actress nomination
Sofia Coppola On why she’s thrilled with her Best Director nomination for Lost in Translation

AND FINALLY! If that wasn’t enough...
We bring you the last two months in film! Yes, we review the best and the worst films of the year so far, including 21 Grams, Big Fish, Cold Mountain, The House of Sand and Fog and The Passion of the Christ!

All this, in the fabulous new-look Film Review Special #50!
Don’t Miss out!

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Price:  £5.99
VI Direct Catalogue : Film Review : Film Review Specials 50 - 59

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