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VI Direct Catalogue : Starburst : Starburst Specials 60 - 69

Starburst Special #69, Star Wars 2005 Starburst Special #69, Star Wars 2005
(Reference #S69)

132 pages

Star Wars
The Continuing Adventures…
Our journey back through all six films and countless thrills, with…
The Complete History We look at the complete six-chapter epic
Dark Influences We look at 10 ways the Star Wars trilogy has influenced Revenge of the Sith
Archive Interviews Original Starburst interviews with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner and Return of the Jedi director Richard Marquand

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy We go behind the scenes on the film version of Douglas Adams’ classic SF comedy to meet the cast and crew…
Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith The producer and director discuss how the famous story was transferred to the big screen
Martin Freeman The star of cult comedy The Office plays Arthur Dent, a hapless Earthman who finds himself hitchhiking through the Galaxy
Sam Rockwell The acclaimed indie actor who plays Zaphod Beeblebrox
Mos Def The hip-hop star turned actor plays Ford Prefect

Doctor Who 2005 We meet the creators and cast members of the new BBC series…
Russell T Davis Writer and executive producer
Julie Gardner The new series producer tells us why she fell in love with the script and wanted The Doctor back
Phil Collinson The producer reveals the demands of being in charge of a busy ship
Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke AKA Rose’s mum and boyfriend Mickey
Effects at the Mill Computer effects technicians from The Mill talk about realizing the spectacular special effects

And even more…

Battlestar Galactica We talk to Alessandro Juliani, who plays Galactica’s tactical officer Lt Gaeta
Star Trek: Enterprise Actors Dominic Keating and Linda Park talk about the conclusion of the series
Trailer Park Our light-hearted look at a new movie trailer, looking at Tim Burton’s animated fantasy The Corpse Bride

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #68, Time Travel 2005 Starburst Special #68, Time Travel 2005
(Reference #S68)

132 pages

Doctor Who – The Continuing Adventures… To celebrate the return of Doctor Who to TV, we present an exclusive story-by-story – yes all of them – guide to the adventures of the Time-traveller, starting with the original Doctor, William Hartnell, back in 1963.
Plus a look forward to the adventures of the newest incarnation, played by screen star Christopher Eccleston
Stargate’s Time Machine How a mysterious Time Travel device makes trouble for the crew of Stargate SG-1 – with pre-production sketches and interviews with the designers
Rachel Luttrell Meet the actress who plays Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis
Torri Higginson The actress who plays Atlantis commander Dr Weir about the Time storyline in the first season…
10 Top Time Travel Movies Planning a holiday in the Fourth Dimension? Get some travel advice from our look at these movies…
(in alphabetic order)
Back to the Future
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Doctor Who and the Daleks
Donnie Darko
Star Trek IV
The Terminator
Time After Time
Time Bandits
The Time Machine

Alan Young: Memories of The Time Machine We interview the veteran actor who starred as Filby in George Pal’s beloved Time travel fable and appeared in the 2002 remake!
Top 20 Time Adventures A look at 20 Top moments from adventures in Time – from books, TV and the movies

Bryan Fuller We talk to the former Star Trek writer who created Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls
Designing the World of Tomorrow Meet Kevin Conran, the designer of the futuristic classic, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, featuring Conran’s stunning pre-production artwork!
Trailer Park Our light-hearted look at a new movie trailer. A crack team of divers face an unknown threat in the new Sci-Fi thriller The Cave!

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #67, Yearbook Starburst Special #67, Yearbook
(Reference #S67)

132 pages

We take a look back over a busy and packed year with…

The Starburst Review of 2004 Our look back, month by month, with successes such as Spider-Man 2 and I, Robot and disappointments such as the inexplicable cancellation of Angel
Farscape A Starburst exclusive! Behind the scenes at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to look at their work on the Farscape mini-series The Peacekeeper Wars
Star Trek: Enterprise goes Hi-Def We meet the producers, who discuss the new High Definition technology used for the fourth season
Doctor Who We examine some of the background and potential of the new and revitalized Science Fiction classic!
Preview 2005 2005 will be a bumper year for big-screen Science Fiction and Fantasy! We examine the 12 months ahead, previewing King Kong, Batman and a new Harry Potter movie, plus the movie version of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, a trip to Narnia and invading Martians!
Amanda Tapping Alias Major Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1, she takes us through her character’s journey, with a peek at future episodes.

Highlights of the Year
Star Wars Trilogy We start our look back at the first three films and make a few predictions for the final chapter…
Spider-Man 2 A popular trio of actors reunited; Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco to continue the story of the webspinner talk about the sequel’s secrets!
Steven Furst The actor who brought to life Vir Cotto on Babylon 5 tells us about his recent work behind the camera, including a sojourn to Bulgaria for the film Dragon Storm
Van Helsing Shuler Hensley played the Frankenstein Monster in this summer’s barnstorming action adventure. He talks to us about the perils of filling the monster’s very big shoes.

Todd Tucker ‘Special make-up effects artist/actor’ and all-round monster maestro Todd Tucker talks us through some of his creations and experiences on Charmed
Sci-Fi Gallery Posters featuring Jolene Blalock as T’Pol in Star Trek: Enterprise, the crew of Battlestar Galactica and Jennifer Garner as Elektra
Trailer Park Our light-hearted look at a new movie trailer. This issue we turn our attention to Elektra

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Starburst Special #66, Dead! 2004 Starburst Special #66, Dead! 2004
(Reference #S66)

132 pages

We've dug up some friends old and new in our Dead Special

• Return of the Living Dead Meet director Ellory Elkayem, producer Anatoly Fradis and FX supervisor John Vulich on the set of Parts 4 & 5, at the abandoned Chernobyl power station!
Doug Bradley The actor who has brought the demonic character of Pinhead to life in the Hellraiser movies talks about the as-yet-unreleased seventh and eighth installments
• 'I See Dead People ' Discover how the greats of Sci-Fi journeyed into the undiscovered country of the Hereafter
• 'A Comedy of Terrors' We present the Top Ten Comedy Horror Films from Ghostbusters to The Evil Dead!
Neil Gaiman The acclaimed author talks about bringing his newest project, Death – The High Cost of Living, to the big screen
• The Dead Zone Take a look back at the most recent episodes of this acclaimed series based on the novel by Stephen King, starring Anthony Michael Hall
• Hex Actress Christina Cole talks about her role in Sky ’s spooky new series for Hallowe’en, while veteran director Brian Grant talks about the lack of Fantasy on UK TV and shares the secrets of Hex’s origins
• Dead Like Me Star of stage and screen Mandy Patinkin talks about his role as Rube, the leader of the somewhat-less-than-grim band of Reapers

Farscape – The Peacekeeper Wars
Anthony Simcoe The actor who plays D ’Argo discusses the last stand of his much-loved character
Brian Henson returns to direct The Peacekeeper Wars

Stargate Atlantis Star Rachel Luttrell on her developing role as a feisty freedom fighter battling vampiric creatures in the new series
Adam Busch – Warren in Buffy The Vampire Slayer – His character failed to become a supervillain and met a grisly death, but actor Adam Busch has only fond memories of his time with Buffy

Trailer Park A humorous look at a trailer for a forthcoming movie – here, Ben Kingsley and an angry Tyrannosaurus star in the Sci-Fi movie A Sound of Thunder based on a Ray Bradbury story

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Starburst Special #65, Thunderbirds 2004 Starburst Special #65, Thunderbirds 2004
(Reference #S65)

We are 'Go' with Thunderbirds this issue
Behind the scenes on the new movies with
Director Jonathan (Star Trek) Frakes
Young stars Brady Corbet, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Soren Fultobn who play Alan, Tin Tin and Fermat
Sir Ben Kingsley, aka ‘The Hood’
Sophia (Lady Penelope) Myles and Ron (Parker)Cook
The CGI effects
The costume designs
Thunderbirds Episode Guide Every episode of the classic TV series reviewed!

Spider-Man 2 FX legend John Dykstra and computer animator Scott Stokdyk on the multi-limbed Dr Octopus!
I, Robot
Director Alex Proyas on adapting Asimov to the big screen
Star Will Smith discusses his unorthodox new role
Alan Tudyk explains how his performance brought the sentient robot Sonny to life, and talks about his role in Serenity, the spin-off movie from the TV's Firefly.
Stargate Atlantis
Producer Peter Deluise talks about working on the new Stargate spin-off series
Actors Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell and Rainbow Sun Francks chat about their roles on the new Stargate team
Battlestar Galactica 2004
Katee Sackhoff on playing Starbuck
Mary McDonnell talks about taking the reins of power as President Laura Roslin
Smallville Season Four Co-creator, executive producer and writer Miles Millar on what's in store…
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Director Brad Silberling talks about the challenges of filming the popular children’s stories, and why star Jim Carrey is perfect for as villainous Count Olaf.
Sci-Fi Gallery Three poster-sized images from Stargate Atlantis, Thunderbirds and Spider–Man 2.
Trailer Park A sideways look at the trailer for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Starburst Special #64, Star Trek 2004 Starburst Special #64, Star Trek 2004
(Reference #S64)

Voyage to the Unknown with Star Trek
Dominic Keating, who plays Lieutenant Malcolm Reed in Star Trek: Enterprise, talks about the news that the series has been renewed
• Enterprise Producer Rick Berman tells of the lessons that he learned from the show being on the brink of cancellation, and of his high hopes for the newly-confirmed fourth season
Designer Herman Zimmermann has worked on Star Trek since The Next Generation. But, he admits, the excitement of designing for Enterprise mean he’s unlikely to be bored…
Enterprise Season 3 Reviews – The whole third season, including synopses, facts and ratings!
Patti Yasutake played Dr Crusher’s assistant Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in The Next Generation. She recalls her experience ‘below decks’ …
Gwynyth Walsh memorably portrayed female Klingon warrior B’Etor in The Next Generation and the movie Generations. She shares her thoughts on the show, and on touching Patrick Stewart’s head!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A 16-page Potter extravaganza: Interviews with director Alfonso Cuarón, stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Robbie Coltrane, plus stunning behind-the-scenes photos and effects shots…
Kristen Cloke The popular actress on her experiences in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, in shows ranging from The X-Files to Space: Above and Beyond and Millenium…
Don S Williams The actor tells us why he was happy to be part of Mulder and Scully’s shadowy world in The X-Files.
Hugh Jackman We catch up with the Australian actor and star of Van Helsing to chat about what he’s up to next, including his new film The Fountain and the upcoming X-Men 3.
Sci-Fi Gallery Three fantastic posters featuring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files, Jolene Blalock in Enterprise and Will Smith in the upcoming Sci-Fi Blockbuster I, Robot.
Trailer Park Our sideways look at movie trailers: We take a peek at frightmonger M Night Shyamalan’s latest project, The Village.

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Starburst Special #63, Van Helsing 2004 Starburst Special #63, Van Helsing 2004
(Reference #S63)

Here Be Monsters!
Van Helsing heads up our action-packed Special…

Feast your eyes on our in-depth look at the amazing creature-feature…
Kate Beckinsale After Underworld, the English beauty meets another gang of beasts…
Shuler Hensley appears as the iconic Frankenstein’s Monster so let’s give him a great big hand! Oh, he’s already got one…
Richard Roxburgh is the heavy-hitting Dracula who’s bats about battling his nemesis, Van Helsing.
Will Kemp is the man! But he’s also the wolf. He’s a Wolf Man and he’s a howl! We visit his lair…
Allen Cameron The production designer takes us on a tour of the dark places and ancient castles he helped create.

Star Trek: Enterprise Writer Manny Coto has been half-way across the galaxy with the crew. What insights has this journey given him?
Chronicles of Riddick
• Step forward, Karl Urban as Necromonger Vaako to reveal the secret of being good at being bad…
• Producer Scott Kroopf and Designer Holger Gross uncover the trials and triumphs of returning to Riddick’s universe…
The Best (and Worst!) TV & Film of 2003 We reveal who readers gave the thumbs-up and thumbs-down to. Prepare for quite a few surprises…
Century City We take a look at the short-lived legal drama set slightly in the future.
Dead Like Me
• Callum Blue plays the Grim Reaper as a horny, drug-taking hipster and makes no bones about it! Discover his secret here
• ? Our very own indispensable guide to Season One of this lively show!

Trailer Park A twisted look at the new trailer for I, Robot

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Starburst Special #62, Lord of the Rings 2004 Starburst Special #62, Lord of the Rings 2004
(Reference #S62)

132 thrill-packed pages of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

The Lord of the Rings…
Continued coverage of this amazing trilogy
Elijah Wood Now that he’s hung up his hobbit feet, Elijah Wood talks to us about the role that made him an international star, and the trilogy’s Oscar chances…
Liv Tyler One of the biggest names to be cast, Liv Tyler chats with us about the stuff that didn’t make it to the screen: cut scenes, gag reels and melting ears…
Sean Astin From playing second fiddle to Frodo at the outset, to carrying perhaps the most important scene of the trilogy, Sean Astin recalls the role of Samwise Gamgee, and shares his feelings on the passing of The Lord of the Rings.
Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan The intrepid hobbit double-act tell us what it’s like being stuck up Treebeard for several months. “The most uncomfortable thing in the world,” apparently
With… The second part of our interview with Andrew Lesnie, the cinematographer behind the look of the trilogy, Grant Major and Randy Cook talk about WETA Digital’s pioneering effects work, and artists Alan Lee and John Howe discuss their involvement in the films.

Life on Mars? With the announcement of NASA’s plan to put a man on Mars, we take a cautionary look at some of the fictional horrors to have come out of the Red Planet…
Van Helsing We interview the cast and crew of Stephen Sommers’ blockbuster monster mash, including stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.
Dawn of the Dead 2004 We pick the brains of the cast and crew of this big-budget remake, including star Sarah Polley.
David Carson The director who killed Captain Kirk looks back over his long and varied career, covering Star Trek TNG, Deep Space Nine, Odyessy 5 and more…
Andromeda Actress Lexa Doig on her ongoing role as the attractive face of the Starship Andromeda…
Mutant X It’s Electric! Victor Webster chats about his role as the high-voltage mutant Brennan Mulwray – and how he nearly got to play Superman…


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Starburst Special #61, Yearbook Starburst Special #61, Yearbook
(Reference #S61)

365 days of Science Fiction and Fantasy in 132 thrill-packed pages!

The Starburst Review of the Year
Everything you need to know about the year’s SF offerings from the worlds of Film and TV, from the triumphs (X2, much Lord of the Rings-ness) to the less popular (Birds of Prey, the Matrix sequels…).

The Lord of the Rings features…
Orlando Bloom He may be buckling his swash across the seas of the Caribbean in his spare time, but to us he’ll always be the blond elf who showed us new ways of giving someone a jab in the eye with a sharp stick. Orlando Bloom talks to us about hanging up his pointy ears once last time…
Andrew Lesnie One of the most outstanding achievements of The Lord of the Rings trilogy has been its cinematography, perfectly capturing the essence of Tolkien’s world. Master cinematographer Andrew Lesnie gives us the inside skinny on how it was done…
Bernard Hill King Théoden himself, British actor Bernard Hill, explains exactly what it is about actors that makes them just a little bit ‘damaged’, and how this relates to his work in the final part of The Lord of the Rings.

What Things May Come…
2004 Preview Just what have we got to look forward to in the world of Science Fiction over the next 12 months? Well, there’s Catwoman and Spider-Man 2 – and that’s just for starters…
DVD Previews Details of the biggest and best DVD releases expected next year, including – finally! – the original Star Wars trilogy. Not only that, but the climax to both the Matrix and The Lord of the Rings trilogies are here as well – the latter’s extended version rumoured to be clocking in at four hours!

Hulk CGI Special Effects It may not have blown fans away at the box office, but only the foolhardy would deny that the stylistic CGI on Ang Lee’s superhero smashathon is actually a bit smashtastic. Our man in the green greasepaint went down to ILM to check out how the special effects maestros managed to pull it off.
Andromeda Director David Winning takes us behind the scenes on part of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy.
Star Trek: Enterprise Half Human, half Klingon; half actor, half director! Actress-turned-lens-meister Roxann Dawson tells us how she made from the transition from one role to another, and from one series to another.
Battlestar Galactica On the eve of the unveiling of the new mini-series, we talk to the original Starbuck, Dirk Benedict, about his role in the show, and his opinions on the rebirth of Starbuck… as a woman?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The show may have finished, but fandom lives on: we talk to series regulars and temperamental good/bad guys the Troika about where their lives (and deaths) have lead them since.
Farscape One of the televisual tragedies of 2003 was the sudden and unexpected cancellation of Farscape. We talk to former Luxan Warrior Anthony Simcoe about his character D’Argo’s development and the disturbing reality of being a “tall, skinny Australian”.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The face behind Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, has turned his hand to novels based on the character, and he tells us why.


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Starburst Special #60, Angel and Vampires 2003 Starburst Special #60, Angel and Vampires 2003
(Reference #S60)

Vampires on the Big and Small Screen How the Vampire quickly became a hugely popular and spine-chilling figure. We look at Vampires on film and TV from Dracula to Angel.

Angel features…
Angel Season 5 Angel and friends find themselves in charge of demonic law firm Wolfram and Hart at the start of the fifth season of Angel... then an old friend appears...
Amy Acker Few could have imagined that mousy, softly-spoken Texan Winifred Burkle would become an invaluable demon-slaying member of Angel, Inc.
Angel Facts by 5 A selection of little-known facts about the vampire with a soul,his real-life incarnation David Boreanaz,plus Wesley, Lorne and the gang!

Buffy features…
Joss Whedon We turn back the clock and uncover a ‘lost’ interview with the Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator as the show is about to embark on its sixth season.
Tom Lenk Meet the alter-ego of Andrew the geek, who went from villain to hero in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but could just have easily have been a vampire...
Danny Strong The actor rose from geek to superstar in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, then went on to be a supervillain (well, almost...) and won a legion of fans.

Underworld Director Len Wiseman reveals how he was always intrigued by the traditional Horror creatures and yearned to breath fresh life into them in his film.

The Lord of The Rings. . .
Billy Boyd How the adventures of a tiny Hobbit named Pippin play a prominent role in the big-screen adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s book, The Return of the King.
Grant Major We speak to Grant Major, Production Designer for the Lord of The Rings trilogy, about the final instalment, The Return of the King.
Trailer Park Plus… a lighthearted look at the trailer for Lord of the Ring: Return of the King as Frodo and company reach the end of the saga of the One Ring.

The Matrix
Jada Pinkett-Smith In a revealing interview, the actress talks about her latest role as Niobe in The Matrix Revolutions and how we will get to see her more Human side.
Carrie-Anne Moss The actress behind the mysterious Trinity in The Matrix and its sequels, talks about fame, flying and that infamous motorbike chase.

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Price:  £5.99
VI Direct Catalogue : Starburst : Starburst Specials 60 - 69

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