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VI Direct Catalogue : Starburst : Starburst Specials 80 - 89

Starburst Special #87, Special 2008 Starburst Special #87, Special 2008
(Reference #S87)

Available in PDF format at special download price. See the Starburst index page

Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #85, Torchwood 2008 Starburst Special #85, Torchwood 2008
(Reference #S85)

132 Out of This World pages!

Torchwood - Season 2
• Producer Richard Stokes leads us into the new season
• Leading man John Barrowman on what’s in store..
• Actress Eve Myles and the ongoing story of Gwen Cooper
• Actor Gareth David-Lloyd on his character Ianto Jones, now a major part of the team
• Actor Burn Gorman on Owen Harper and his changing role in Torchwood
• Actress Naoko Mori completes the team, looking at the new adventures facing Toshiko Sato
Season 1 Reviewed Each episode is put under close scrutiny and evaluated

Sci-Fi Gallery The latest images, large-scale… Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes
Heroes Actor David Anders discusses his role of ancient Japanese warrior Takezo Kensei
Tin Man Actress Kathleen Robertson on bringing a new depth to the Wicked Witch of OZ!
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Actress Kathleen Ro
• Set decorator Jonathan Lancaster on the show’s four seasons
• Actor Steve Bacic on his former role as Admiral Cain’s XO in Razor
Reaper Actor Tyler Labine chats about tracking down lost souls…
The Mist We talk to the cast of the chilling Stephen King adaptation

Shivers in Starburst A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment! Including…
Storm Warning Director Jamie Blanks on the making of his low-budget, high-gore movie!
One Missed Call We speak to director Eric Valette and his cast
Pitt of Horror Ingrid Pitt gives us the willies with a spooky ghost story
Opinion Kim Newman buzzes in and has his say on The Bees

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #84, Yearbook Starburst Special #84, Yearbook
(Reference #S84)

196 Out of This World pages

We take a look back over the last, busy year…

The Starburst Review of 2007 Our look back, month by month, the highs, the lows
The Sarah Jane Adventures Exclusive Former Doctor Who companion Elisabeth Sladen chats to us about this ratings success
Noah Gray-Cabey The show’s youngest actor
Santiago Cabrera on playing the visionary Isaac Mendez in Season One
Star Trek Original Series star George Takei recently launched the release of the re-mastered HD DVDs… Starburst was there!
Stargate Atlantis Star David Hewlett on the fourth season
Supernatural We chat to producer Eric Kripke and star Lauren Cohan
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Actor Mark Sheppard on his guest-starring role on the show’s third season
Fantasy Film Fad An opinionated look at the ongoing fascination with Fantasy films…
Iron Man Director Jon Favreau interviewed
Star Wars Author Stephen Sansweet about the new behind-the-scenes book
Movie of the Year We round up the year’s best SF movies, and reveal which one topped our poll for 2007

Reviews of 2007 Over 75 pages of reviews from the whole year, covering movies, TV and books!

Movie Preview 2008 We take a look ahead at what’s come on the big screen, including: mystery JJ Abrams Project…, The Incredible Hulk, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Dark Knight, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Star Trek, I Am Legend, Alien vs Predator: Requiem

Sci-Fi Gallery The best publicity shots of the year, including a preview of the new Sontarans from the fourth season of Doctor Who!
Index Looking for an interview, a review, a photo? The last year in Starburst is indexed

Shivers in Starburst A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment!
Hostel Parts I & II Exclusive Make-up artist Greg Nicotero on creating the on screen horrors for Eli Roth’s gore fest!
Resident Evil: Extinction On Set! Star Oded Fehr takes us behind the scenes on the latest instalment of the video-game-turned-movie franchise…
With… Guest contributors...

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Price:  £7.99

Starburst Special #83, Heroes 2007 Starburst Special #83, Heroes 2007
(Reference #S83)

Season One Reviewed! A look back at our episode-by-episode reviews
Sci-Fi Gallery A must-have photo collection from the Heroes cast’s World Tour!
How Heroes Changed the World – Season 2 News! A detailed catch-up of Season One, and what’s in store in Season Two…
• Actor Greg Grunberg on the unexpected importance of cop-turned-mind reader Matt Parkman
• Actress Hayden Panettiere on playing regenerative heroine Claire Bennet t
• Actor Masi Oka the past, present and future of his Time-bending alter ego, Hiro
• Series artist Tim Sale on his job of re-creating the comic-book paintings of clairvoyant hero Isaac Mendez…
• Creator Tim Kring on Season Two and the spin-off series Heroes: Origins!

The Dark is Rising On Set! Behind the scenes of the new Fantasy film starring Christopher Eccelston
Flash Gordon (2000s)
• The producers and cast discuss their distinct take on a legend
• Actress Karen Cliché chats about her new role as Baylin
Stargate Atlantis Director Andy Mikita about the show’s fourth season
Star Wars Actor Sam Witwer discusses his role in the new video game The Force Unleashed
In Numbers Knowledgeable numerical facts from the ever-expanding Star Wars franchise

And more…

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #82, Doctor Who 2007 Starburst Special #82, Doctor Who 2007
(Reference #S82)

132 Out of This World pages!

Doctor Who - The Third Season
Reviews & Soundbites We take a MASSIVE look at EVERY episode (from the Christmas episode onwards), with quotes from cast and crew
Sci-Fi Gallery A must-have collection of Season 3 images
• Writer Stephen Greenhorn discusses the development of his first Who story, The Lazarus Experiment
• Director Graham Harper chats about the challenges of making the real-time episode, 42 and the return of The Master in Utopia
• Writer Paul Cornell reveals how his 1995 novel became the third season two-part story, Human Nature and Family of Blood

Heroes Actress Tawny Cypress chats about her pivotal role
Fantastic Four 2 Star Ioan Gruffudd talks candidly about Rise of the Silver Surfer
Transformers Behind-the-scenes with the producers and star Megan Fox
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Actress Tricia Helfer on the series and the video game Command & Conquer 3

Shivers in Starburst A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment! Including…
1408 Director Mikael Hafstrom and stars John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson
Skinwalkers Director James Isaac and stars Jason Behr and Sarah Carter
Pitt of Horror Ingrid Pitt, goes on the hunt to find the truth behind the recent rumours of a Hammer take-over
Opinion Kim Newman reviews the new DVD collection of the Mummy Horror movie series La Momia Azteca

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #81, Doctor Who 2007 Starburst Special #81, Doctor Who 2007
(Reference #S81)

100 Out of This World pages!
Plus a FREE copy of Starburst Issue #1 – Re-mastered!

Doctor Who
We take a detailed look at TV’s most feared monsters, the Daleks!

Sci-Fi Gallery A must-have collection of schematic designs for the new TV series Daleks
Questions About Daleks Cast and crew reveal the facts about these monstrous creations…
Helen Raynor The writer discusses the creation of her third season two-part Dalek story (Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks)
Nick Briggs The Big Finish producer chats about the latest audio adventures, as well lending his voice to the Daleks and Judoon!
Evolution of the Daleks What makes a Dalek a Dalek? The answer may not be so straightforward…

28 Weeks Later We go backstage with the cast and crew
Spider-Man 3 We talk to director Sam Raimi, stars James Franco, Topher Grace and Bryce Dallas Howard
The Invisible Director David Goyer on his new movie
The 4400 Executive producer Ira Steven Behr looks towards the fourth season
Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Exclusive! Set decorator Jonathan Lancaster
Painkiller Jane Actress Kristanna Loken discusses her lead role

Shivers Horror Supplement
Shivers in Starburst A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment!
News All the latest news from the world of Horror and dark fantasy
Vacancy Director Nimrod Antal discusses his latest movie
Teeth Actor Josh Pais talks candidly about his role in the new Horror comedy
Pitt of Horror Regular Shivers columnist Ingrid Pitt pays tribute to legendary Horror director Freddy Francis
Opinion Regular Shivers contributor Kim Newman gives his opinion on the new DVD release of Belphégor ou Le Fantôme du Louvre

Starburst Issue #1 – Remastered
As part of our 30th-year celebrations, a free reprint of the very first edition (with some printing errors corrected!)

• Writing for (the one series of) Star Trek
• The story of the new film Star Wars, including a 'Making of…'
• A short story by Harry Harrison
• 3 Comic Strips, by Dave Gibbons, Sydney Jordan and Brian Lewis

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Price:  £5.99

Starburst Special #80, Star Wars 2007 Starburst Special #80, Star Wars 2007
(Reference #S80)

148 Out of This World pages!

Star Wars Celebrating 30 years of the Sci-Fi legacy that started it all...
Overview Our resident film reviewer, Alan Jones, takes a nostalgic look back at the time of the original trilogy release
Ralph McQuarrieThe designer on his creation of the most iconic Sci-Fi villain of all time – Darth Vader!
Rena Owen Exclusive! The actress chats about her time working on Episodes II & III as the super-slim alien Taun We and Senator Nee Alavar
Carrie Fisher The Hollywood actress reminisces about playing one of the best-loved female Sci-Fi roles
Anthony Daniels The actor on playing C-3PO
Maria De Aragon Exclusive! The actress on playing bounty hunter Greedo
Gary Kurtz The producer reflects on his involvement in bringing the film series to life
Movie Reviews We take a look back at each of the six movies!

Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
Katee Sackhoff The lead actress reveals how fate has treated Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace
Nicki Clyne The actress discusses the past and future of her character crewman Cally
Glenne Campbell The show’s costume designer talks about creating the futuristic fashions
Richard Hudolin & Doug McLean The show’s production designer and art director on their latest work
Kandyse McClure The actress on her character Anastasia ‘Dee’ Dualla’s emotional turmoil
Callum Keith Rennie The actor discusses his role as one of the Human Cylon models, Leoben…

The Dresden Files We chat to producers Robert Hewitt Wolfe and David Simkins, and leading man Paul Blackthorne
Stargate Atlantis Director Martin Wood discusses his third season episodes
Torchwood Exclusive! Co-producer and writer Chris Chibnall on bringing the series to the small screen

Shivers in Starburst A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment!
Masters of Horror Actor Corbin Bernsen chats to Shivers about how he found himself commuting across Vancouver to star in one of the Horror show’s new instalments
The Hills Have Eyes 2 We talk to actress Jessica Stroup about starring in Wes Craven’s eagerly-anticipated follow-up

Sci-Fi Gallery Dazzling posters from our top features!
Star Wars
Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
Stargate Atlantis
Trailer Park We take a sideways look at a current hot trailer. This issue: Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse

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Price:  £5.99
VI Direct Catalogue : Starburst : Starburst Specials 80 - 89

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